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New partner companies announced for Test in Tallinn programme

New partner companies announced for Test in Tallinn programme

At the end of last year, the results of the fourth round of the Test in Tallinn program, initiated by the city of Tallinn, revealed two new partner companies with which the city decided to proceed and hopes to reach the testing phase.

Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, Joosep Vimm, states that funding alone is not enough for successful business operations. "The opportunity to meet with clients and test the best possible solutions in a real working environment is what we offer participants of the Test in Tallinn programme. Testing in Tallinn has contributed to several success stories, and we hope for success for our new partner companies as well," said Vimm.

Tallinn aims to introduce to industry experts and the world its role as a favorable environment for green innovation testing, where various technologies can be trialed. The goal is to assist both domestic and international companies in taking their products and services to other cities globally.

The fourth round of project evaluations received a total of 11 applications, out of which two became new partner companies of the Test in Tallinn program.

Carrida (Germany) will test a solution at a smaller Tallinn roundabout that counts transport units entering and exiting the roundabout, providing the city with better insights into roundabout usage.

Caeli BV (Netherlands) will test the feasibility of monitoring and visualizing air quality based on satellite data. This solution will help Tallinn assess data availability, comprehensibility, and offer a means to combat climate change.

Estonian companies have previously had the opportunity to test their products in Tallinn through the Tallinnovation program, which supports product development financially on a competitive basis. The new program also offers innovation project implementation in the urban environment to foreign companies.

To learn more about the Test in Tallinn initiative and participation conditions, please visit the website at Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. The first projects received approval from the innovation commission in April 2023.

Test in Tallinn is an initiative launched during the European Green Capital year, through which the city aims to contribute to the adoption of innovative solutions. The program focuses on mobility, energy efficiency, and renewable energy solutions.