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New residential developments planned for Mustamäe and Haabersti

New residential developments planned for Mustamäe and Haabersti

The Tallinn City Government has initiated the detailed planning for the Järveotsa tee 46 property in the Haabersti district and submitted to the City Council for approval the detailed planning for the Mäepealse Street 21a plot in Mustamäe. Both plans propose new housing developments within the existing urban environment and residential areas.

Deputy Mayor Madle Lippus emphasized the role of urban design in managing the housing sector in Tallinn: “For apartment building developments, it’s crucial to evaluate their connectivity to local services, the impact on public spaces, and whether they offer diverse living options. These two plans meet these criteria,” Lippus noted.

The objective of the detailed plan for the Järveotsa tee 46 site and its surrounding area is to design up to a three-story commercial building and two apartment buildings with commercial spaces, up to four stories high, on a 2.6-hectare plot in the Haabersti district. The initiated detailed plan must support the objectives of the Putukaväil (Pollinator Highway) linear park, provide passages and connections between Järveotsa tee and Putukaväil, and business premises that relate to the street space. The plan for the apartments requires an average of 85 m² of above-ground gross area per apartment, planning 1- and 2-bedroom apartments to make up to 40-50% of the total number of units.

Given the area’s monotonous existing buildings, the developer must organize an architectural competition beforehand to ensure higher spatial quality and diversity. The detailed planning is being prepared by RUUM JA MAASTIK OÜ, and its materials can be accessed in the Tallinn Urban Planning Register.

The aim of the detailed planning for the Mäepealse 21a plot is to divide the currently commercially zoned 0.86-hectare plot into two and change its designated use. This would allow for the construction of a four- to six-story apartment building with commercial spaces on one plot designated for residential and commercial use, and a two- to four-story apartment building on another plot designated for residential use. Currently, the site at the intersection of Mäepealse and Kivinuka streets houses a temporary vehicle maintenance building and a car sales lot. The planned apartments, up to 97 units across four buildings, will continue the existing logic of apartment buildings in the area.

The planning is conducted by K-Projekt AS. Materials related to the detailed planning can be accessed in the Tallinn Urban Planning Register. Following the approval of the detailed planning, the Tallinn Urban Planning Department and the Mustamäe District Government will organize a public display of the detailed planning.