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New Year's Eve fireworks can be enjoyed across Tallinn

New Year's Eve fireworks can be enjoyed across Tallinn

For the second year in a row, Tallinn will organise New Year's Eve fireworks displays in several different locations to make them as dispersed and safe as possible. The Tallinn City Government and the Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals jointly invite citizens to forgo personal fireworks and take part in the controlled fire shows organised by the city.

There will be a total of seven fireworks displays in Tallinn's districts, so everyone can enjoy the fireworks near their homes or even from their windows. 

In the City Centre, the fireworks will be held on Inglirand on Reid Road, with an area large enough to ensure spectators are not distracted and still have a great view. The fireworks show can be safely observed along the entire beach promenade and from further afield - on a clear day it can be seen from the City Centre to Pirita, with good views also available from places such as the Lasnamäe cliff top and the Song Festival Grounds. The spectacle is further enhanced by the sea, which provides an excellent backdrop for the fireworks.

The city's highest salute will take place in Pirita, where it will be launched from the 175-metre Tallinn TV Tower. The firework will be clearly visible from Pirita, Lasnamäe and City Centre, for example from Pirita beach, the Vabaõhukooli Road and Mähe settlement.

In Lasnamäe, there will be two fireworks displays, one near the Kotka shopping centre and the other in Tondiloo Park. The Kotka shopping centre square is best viewed from behind the Lindakivi cultural centre and from the Laagna Road bridges. The performance in the eastern part of Tondiloo Park can be enjoyed from the park and from the square next to the Maxima XXX store on Linnamäe tee.

In Haabersti, the fireworks display is traditionally held by the Õismäe pond, in Mustamäe by Parditiik (Duck Pond) and in Põhja-Tallinn at Stroomi beach. There are no organised fireworks displays in Kristiine and Nõmme districts.

Municipal Police officers and security companies will help to ensure security at fireworks displays organised by the districts. The organisers will also make sure that any debris left over from the fireworks is cleaned up. 

You can join Animal Friendly New Year here: