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Next stage of Vanasadam tramway construction to affect tram traffic and cause traffic changes

Next stage of Vanasadam tramway construction to affect tram traffic and cause traffic changes

From Monday, 3 July, the Narva mnt-Hobujaama-Laikmaa intersection will be closed as part of the next stage of the Vanasadam tramway construction. As such, tram lines 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be halted until the end of August. Viru terminal will be temporarily closed and public transport redirected.

During this period, temporary tram lines 6 Kopli-Tondi and 52 Hobujaama-Ülemiste Station will be in service.

Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet said that the goal is to restore tram lines 2 and 4 by the start of September to ensure that children have a safe and comfortable way to get to school. “We have agreed with the contractors on a schedule so that the tramway for lines 2 and 4 through the Narva mnt-Hobujaama intersection towards Tartu maantee is open by the start of the school year,” said Svet. “By that time, they will have finished the most substantial part of the construction. We understand that roadworks in the city affect everyday life and cause changes in traffic for many people. We apologise for the inconvenience. We are doing this to make a better and friendlier cityscape as well as ensure safer traffic management.”

From Monday, 3 July, cars cannot access Narva maantee via Viru ringtee. While the Narva mnt-Hobujaama-Laikmaa intersection is closed to all traffic, the Narva mnt-Jõe-Pronksi intersection is open to public transport. The changes in traffic will affect the routes of lines 5, 8, 35, 38, 44, 51, 52, 60 and 63 until 31 August.
  • Bus lines 35, 44, 51, 52, 60 and 63 will turn back on Narva maantee after the Maneeži tänav intersection. The temporary final stop Pronksi is on Narva maantee by building 7. The lines start at Pronksi (the other direction) on Narva maantee.
  • Bus lines 8 and 38 are rerouted towards Viru Centre: Narva maantee, Petrooleumi tänav, Tuukri tänav, Uus-Sadama tänav, Reidi tee, Ahtri tänav and temporary stop at Hobujaama bus stand.
  • Bus line 5 is rerouted in both directions via Mere puiestee, Ahtri tänav and Reidi tee.

With the closing of the Viru Terminal on 3 July, the bus routes for lines 1, 29, 40 and 48 are changed.
  • Bus lines 1 and 29 start the route on Kaubamaja tänav (at the trolley line 3 stop), then head towards Rävala puiestee, Kreutzwaldi tänav and Narva maantee.
  • Bus lines 40 and 48 start at the stop on Estonia puiestee (next to Tammsaare Park), then head towards Freedom Square and Kaarli puiestee.

Starting mid-July, the Põhja puiestee and Kursi tänav intersection is closed to traffic. During the closure, traffic will be redirected.

On the Vanasadam tramway website, public transport users can get a detailed overview of bus rerouting, and car users can find info on traffic management with rerouting schemes.

The result of the Vanasadama tram line construction work will be a nearly 2.5-km section of a new tram line, which will start at the Kivisilla and Gonsiori Street intersection and end on Põhja pst.