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Next year's budget brings more environmentally friendly urban spaces 

Next year's budget brings more environmentally friendly urban spaces 

In the vote on Tallinn's 2023 inclusive budget, projects that promote healthy and mobile lifestyles in an urban space close to nature and bring additional amenities to recreational areas were successful.

Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart thanked and acknowledged residents who took part in the participatory budget process - both those who submitted ideas and those who voted. "With a participatory budget, together we can make our city an even better place to live and shape the future of the community by preserving its heritage," said Kõlvart. "The results of this year's ballot reflect the strong connection our citizens have with nature, where the ideas proposed for the development of urban space strike a balance between people and nature. Tallinn will be the European Green Capital next year, but I want to ensure that nature-oriented thinking continues to accompany us and shape the city in every year to come."

Tallinn City Council today approved the results of the participatory budget vote. Every resident of Tallinn, aged 14 or over, had two votes to cast for the ideas put forward in their own district. Everyone was entitled to vote in the district in which they live, according to the population register.

A total of 9,433 Tallinn residents took part in the vote. The majority of them, 8873 residents of Tallinn, cast their votes electronically and 560 on paper. A total of 15 693 votes were cast for 114 ideas.

The number of voters exceeded the minimum quota set to ensure the legitimacy of the inclusive budget in all the districts: 500 in Nõmme, Pirita and Kristiine, 1000 in Haabersti, Mustamäe, City Centre and Põhja-Tallinn and 1500 in Lasnamäe.

The total planned amount of the inclusive budget in 2023 is one million euros, the exact amount will be approved by Tallinn City Council when adopting the 2023 budget of the City of Tallinn.

Winners of the 2023 participatory budget vote by district:
In Haabersti, an initiative to build a community sauna on the shore of Lake Harku and create a winter swimming area has won (authors Rain Arras, Kaie Arras, Liisa Reitel).

In City Centre, the winning idea was to build a Pollinator Highway, or bus stops with plant topping (author Kaire Sõmer).

In Kristiine, the most voted idea to complement street space with cozy pocket parks came first (author Martin).

In Lasnamäe, the idea of renovating the barbecue area by the Pirita river received the most votes (author Kristina).

In Mustamäe, the idea of installing drinking water taps in the district came first (by Dmitri Denissov and Egle Olesk).

In Nõmme, the idea of building public toilets in Nõmme's public parks, including the Nõmme market, received the most votes (authors Tiit Kruusalu and Kristi Uudeväli).

In Pirita, the idea of building a children's playground in Merivälja (author Julija Akilova) won the support of residents.

In Põhja-Tallinn the idea to build a low-altitude adventure track in the courtyard of Gustav Adolf Gymnasium Vana-Kalamaja 9, which would also provide activities for children in the community, received most votes (author Arvo Anton).