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Next year's participatory budget to add more greenery and sports opportunities in the city

Next year's participatory budget to add more greenery and sports opportunities in the city

Projects aiming to add more greenery to the city and facilities promoting active lifestyles emerged as the winners in Tallinn's 2024 participatory budget vote. One million euros have been set aside in the budget for the realization of these projects.

Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart expressed gratitude to all Tallinn residents who participated in the participatory budget process, both in submitting ideas and voting. “With the participatory budget, we can collectively improve our city. This year’s record number of submissions shows an increasing desire among people to contribute, which is very encouraging,” said Kõlvart. “The voting results indicate a desire for more greenery in the city and the importance of active leisure activities. This year’s participatory budget harmoniously combines our status as the European Green Capital and prepares us for 2025, when Tallinn will be the European Capital of Sport. The next step is for each district administration to implement the winning ideas next year, and we hope to soon enjoy the fruits of our joint efforts.”

The Tallinn City Government confirmed the participatory budget vote results in today’s session. Every Tallinn resident aged 14 and older was entitled to two votes to support ideas in their district, based on their registered address in the population register.

A total of 492 ideas were submitted for next year’s participatory budget, setting a four-year record. As a result of a pre-selection by an expert committee, 149 proposals were put to a public vote. The vote saw participation from 8,837 Tallinn residents, who cast a total of 14,950 votes.

In every district, the number of voters surpassed the minimum threshold set to ensure the legitimacy of the participatory budget: 500 in Nõmme, Pirita, and Kristiine; 1,000 in Haabersti, Mustamäe, Kesklinn, and Põhja-Tallinn; and 1,500 in Lasnamäe. The highest number of voters was in Lasnamäe, where 1,735 people cast their votes. Kristiine exceeded its threshold by over 156% (783 votes).

The winners of the 2024 participatory budget in each district are:

  • Haabersti: "Kakumäe Net Park (Kakumäe võrgupark)," 432 votes, by Grigorijs Beskins
  • Kesklinn: "More Noise-Canceling Bushes (Rohkem mürasummutavaid põõsaid)," 277 votes, by Liina-Kai Raivet
  • Kristiine: "Greening the Asphalt Traffic Islands (Haljastame kivist ja asfaldist liiklussaared)," 224 votes, by Piia Saara Kivioja
  • Lasnamäe: "Botanical Garden. A Compact Paradise in the Concrete Jungle (Botaanikaaed. Kompaktne paradiis betoondžunglis)," 475 votes, by Maxim Zuev
  • Mustamäe: "Fruit Orchards in Mustamäe Yards (Puuviljaaiad Mustamäe hoovidesse)," 327 votes, by Irina Sološenko
  • Nõmme: "Pumptrack Sports Facility for Nõmme (Pumptrack spordirajatis Nõmmele)," 184 votes, by Jaan S, Liis Needrit
  • Pirita: "Outdoor Gym at Pirita Economics School’s Stadium (Välijõusaal Pirita Majandusgümnaasiumi staadionile)," 169 votes, by Urmas Teeorg
  • Põhja-Tallinn: "Drinking Water Fountain at Balti jaam! (Joogivee kraan Balti jaama!)," 310 votes, by Ave Voolaid

For the implementation of this year's participatory budget results, one million euros have been allocated in the 2024 budget, with the exact sum to be confirmed upon the adoption of Tallinn's 2024 city budget by the City Council. Seventy-five percent of the total sum will be distributed equally among the districts, and the remaining 25 percent will be allocated based on the population of each district as of July 1 of the current year. The amounts allocated for the districts range from 104,433 euros (Pirita, 19,670 residents) to 158,758 euros (Lasnamäe, 119,695 residents).

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