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One month until European Parliament elections

One month until European Parliament elections

On June 9, Estonia will elect seven members to the European Union's 720-member Parliament. Citizens can vote both at polling stations and online.

Tallinn's City Secretary and Chair of the Election Commission, Priit Lello, explained that while there are no significant changes in the organization of the elections, it is important to note that the European Parliament elections are held in a single nationwide electoral district. “This means that all voters can choose from the same candidates. Thanks to the electronic voter list, introduced in 2021, and the single electoral district, you can cast your vote at any polling station across Estonia.”

In Tallinn, voting will be possible at 17 polling stations from June 3 to 6, and at all 76 polling stations across the city from June 7 to 9.

Online voting will be available from June 3 to 8 via To vote online, voters need an internet-connected computer and an ID-card or Mobile-ID with PIN codes. Note that there is no online voting on Election Day, June 9.

Eligible voters for the European Parliament elections include Estonian citizens who are at least 18 years old by Election Day, as well as non-Estonian citizens of the European Union who are at least 18, have permanent residence in Estonia, have not been deprived of the right to vote in their country of origin, and have applied to be registered in the Estonian voter list.

Those declared incapacitated in terms of voting rights, convicted by a court of a criminal offense, and serving a prison sentence are not eligible to vote.

All registered voters will receive an electoral information sheet by May 30, detailing voting conditions and options. To ensure the information sheet reaches the voter, residential details must be updated by May 10, as the Ministry of the Interior creates voter lists based on the population registry data as of May 10. The information sheet will be sent either electronically or in paper form and does not need to be brought to the polling station.

Voting information will be available from May 27 via the online population register at If the information sheet has not arrived by May 30, voters can check their voting information on the same website or contact their local district government office.

For more information on the European Parliament elections in Tallinn, please visit