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Outdated directional signs from streets to be removed

Outdated directional signs from streets to be removed

The city plans to gradually reduce street clutter by removing outdated and unnecessary directional signs, focusing instead on keeping only essential public institution or destination markers, while signs pointing to business locations will be phased out.

Indrek Gailan, head of Tallinn Transport Department, explained that the goal of reducing signage is to declutter the urban environment. "A systematic approach is necessary because there are places in the city where various signs are excessively clustered together, detracting from the streets' visual appeal," he stated.

"Moreover, the traditional use of directional signs on street posts for finding destinations has become less necessary due to digital navigation tools. All important destinations can already be found using popular apps like Waze, Google Maps, or by searching addresses on websites. Therefore, we see no need to add more signs and will begin their gradual removal," Gailan added.

No new directional or service signs will be installed, and the removal of old ones will initially occur street by street, for instance, during reconstruction projects. Business location signs, for example, have already been removed on Kadaka maantee.