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Part of Paldiski Road to be closed due Tallinn Open Triathlon on Sunday

Due to the Tallinn Open Triathlon that will be held in the vicinity of Lake Harku, the section of Paldiski Road from the shore of Lake Harku (Paldiski Road 124a) up to the city limit will be closed on Sunday, 24 July from 9.30 am to 5.50 pm. At the same time, the trajectory of the bus lines 27, 36, 61 and 62 will change from 10 am to 6 pm.

Due to the significant temporary changes in traffic management and the diversion of the bus lines, one should reserve more time than usual for reaching destinations in the area.

Intersections of Paldiski Road with Järveotsa, Astangu, Tagala, Moonalao, Veerme, Mäeküla and Tähetorni streets will be closed on Sunday from 9.30 am to 5.50 pm. As a rule, the organisers of the triathlon have the obligation to guarantee access to properties in the closed area for necessary traffic, such as emergency vehicles, owners or occupants of properties and refuse collection.

From 10 am to 6 pm, bus line no. 62 will not be in service and temporary bus lines no. 76 (Moonalao – Mustamäe) and no. 77 (Oja tee – Harkujärve) will be operating.

Bus line no. 27 will be diverted from its usual route on Paldiski Road, Järveotsa and Kiriku street and consequently will not service the stops of Järveotsa tee, Järvekalda, Harkujärve or Kiriku. Instead, the bus line will reach Harkujärve from Väike-Õismäe by an alternative route via Õismäe tee, Paldiski Road, Rannamõisa, Liiva and Sütemetsa street. The alternative route will have the stops Sõudebaasi on Paldiski Road, Haabersti on Rannamõisa street and Välja on Liiva street

Bus line no. 36 will be diverted from its usual route on Paldiski Road and Järveotsa street and consequently the bus line will not service the stops of Järveotsa kool or Järveotsa tee. The alternative route will include a temporary bus stop on the intersection of Akadeemia and Järveotsa street. The alternative route toward Väike-Õismäe will divert the buses to turn from Akadeemia street onto Järveotsa street in the direction of Ehitajate street and to continue towards Õismäe street via the roundabout of Õismäe and Järveotsa street. The stops on this alternative route will include Nurmenuku, Kullerkupu, Väike-Õismäe and Väike-Õismäe parkla

The route of bus line no. 61 will be terminated at Väike-Õismäe. The temporary starting and finishing stop of the line will be Väike-Õismäe parkla and the stops of Järveotsa tee, Järveotsa kooli, Harku-Kadaka, Astangu, Jalami and Kotermaa will not be in service

The temporary bus line no. 76 Moonalao – Mustamäe will start its route from Mustamäe at the trolleybus parking space (Akadeemia tee 29) and will continue along Akadeemia, Järveotsa, Astangu and Kotermaa street until the intersection with Moonalao street. The first stop of the bus line will be Kadaka on Akadeemia street and the bus will also stop at the stop of Pöörise, at temporary stops on Akadeemia street before the intersection with Järveotsa street, on Järveotsa street before the intersection with Astangu street and the conventional stops of Harku-Kadaka, Astangu, Jalami, Kotermaa and Moonalao

The temporary bus line no. Oja tee – Harkujärve will start its route from the stop of Harkujärve on Järvekalda street and will continue along Kiriku and Sütemetsa road, with stops at Kiriku, Alasniidu tee and Oja tee

We apologise for any possible inconvenience.

Detailed information about the diversions in the bus traffic is available on the Tallinn transport homepage at and information pertaining to the temporary closure of streets is available in the Tallinn operative information system at 

Closures will affect streets marked in brown below: