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Participate in City's Light Pollution Survey

Participate in City's Light Pollution Survey

Tallinn invites residents to participate in a survey on the topic of light pollution to identify which sources of light disturbance affect city residents the most. Responses accepted until November 13, 2023.

"Light pollution refers to the spread of light into areas or the environment where it should not reach. For example, streetlight can disturb people's sleep by entering their bedrooms. Excessive lighting can also be caused by the abundance of LED screens and the over-lighting of buildings and monuments," said Toomas Haidak, Deputy Head of Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department. "Light pollution not only robs us of the starry sky but also creates environmental problems, harms ecosystems and disrupts the circadian rhythm. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the major sources of light pollution in the city."

The survey aims to improve the guidelines for city lighting and address individual cases of light disturbance. It will help to identify which light-emitting objects disturb Tallinn residents the most.

You can participate in the survey by clicking HEREThe survey is available in English, Estonian, and Russian, and responses will be accepted until November 13, 2023.