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The reconstructed Räägu park is open from today

The reconstructed Räägu park is open from today

Räägu Park, located in the Lilleküla district, which underwent a reconstruction last year and waited several weeks for permission to use it, is open to everyone from today.

The construction work lasted from May to December last year. During the reconstruction the park roads were repaired, the lighting was renewed and new equipment was added to the playgrounds and sports areas. The renewed Räägu park is intended for everyone, from small children to the elderly. The territory of the park is divided into five parts: an area for toddlers and preschoolers aged 1–3 years, a youth area, a fitness center, an area for the elderly, and a meditation corner.

The meditation corner and the area for the elderly are designed as a peaceful part of the park, separated from other areas by low and high greenery and urban furniture. The northern part of the park is designed as an area that is seldom mowed, which strengthens the ecosystem and suppresses the noise from Räägu street.

The opening was delayed because all park elements were thoroughly checked to ensure they met the requirements, were safe and built according to the project.
The works were commissioned by the Tallinn Environment and Municipal Authority, the documentation of reconstruction project was prepared by K-Projekt AS, the construction works were carried out by Lars Laj Eesti OÜ and AS Valmar Grupp. The cost of the works was 796,950 euros.

On April 30, the Kristiine Spring Party will be held in Räägu Park.