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School stadiums to be reopened for public use this summer

School stadiums to be reopened for public use this summer

The Tallinn City Government plans to open municipal school stadiums and sports fields for free public use from June 13 to August 30.

"The long-awaited summer break is approaching, and we want children to enjoy their summer by being active outdoors. Therefore, we have decided to open Tallinn's school sports fields to all city residents for the entire summer, expanding opportunities for both young people and adults to engage in sports," said Tallinn Mayor Jevgeni Ossinovski. "Opening the stadiums during the summer allows young people to engage in sports outside of school hours, fostering healthy habits from an early age. It also strengthens communities by offering opportunities for shared activities."

Deputy Mayor Aleksei Jašin added that many school stadiums have recently been renovated, offering high-quality and diverse sports opportunities. "During the summer break, when the stadiums are not used for educational purposes, it makes sense to open them for the city's residents to use for sports and recreation. This way, our well-equipped sports fields won't remain empty over the summer but will provide additional opportunities for physical activity and exercise in the urban space," said Jašin, expressing hope that the sports fields will be used responsibly. "We welcome all children and adults to come and play sports, but we ask everyone to follow the rules of the stadiums and fields!"

Tallinn school stadiums will be opened for the fourth consecutive summer. Each year, the number of hosting stadiums has increased, and the experience of all parties involved has been very positive. This summer, the city's goal is to open more than 40 school stadiums.

The stadiums will be available for free use from June 13 to August 30, daily from 10:00 to 21:00. For the first time, sports equipment boxes will be placed on the fields, providing free access to balls and other equipment.

Schools may charge a rental fee for organizing regular training sessions and league games on the stadiums. Information about reserved times will be added to the Tallinn Education Department's website. Stadiums that are under renovation will not be opened during the summer break.

The public use of the stadiums is organized by the Tallinn Education Department. The daily opening, closing, and maintenance of the stadiums will be handled by the district governments.

More information about sports opportunities in the city can be found on Tallinn's official website.