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Single bid received for construction of Olympic-sized swimming pool in Lasnamäe

Single bid received for construction of Olympic-sized swimming pool in Lasnamäe

Tondiraba Ujula OÜ has emerged as the sole bidder for constructing an Olympic-sized swimming pool at Kuukivi Street 3 and 5 in Lasnamäe, moving forward with signing a concession agreement and establishing a building right. The completion timeline for the construction is set at 34 months from the contract signing date.

Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart emphasizes the significance of the Olympic-standard swimming and sports complex not only for Tallinn but for the entire nation. "This initiative contributes to the advancement of Estonian sports and our capacity to host international sports events. It will also mark the establishment of Estonia's first Olympic-standard pool, providing a premier training and competition venue for our athletes," stated Kõlvart. He highlighted the necessity of a collaborative effort between the city and the national government for this project. The city of Tallinn, the state, and the concessionaire are expected to jointly fund the construction, with the concessionaire responsible for building and operating the facility for a specified duration.

Kõlvart noted that Estonian swimmers, led by Eneli Jefimova and Kregor Zirk, have recently made history at major competitions and hopes they will serve as good role models for all young swimmers. "However, it's essential to ensure modern training and competition conditions, and Tallinn is contributing nearly €20 million towards the construction of the swimming and sports complex," Kõlvart stated.
The Tallinn Property Department announced the tender on January 15, 2024, seeking to enter into a concession agreement for building and operating a structure that includes the Olympic-standard swimming pool at Kuukivi Street 3 and a parking facility at Kuukivi Street 5.

The project's sole bid by Tondiraba Ujula OÜ, requesting an investment support of €19.8 million, was declared successful. The next steps involve finalizing the concession and building rights agreements.

The construction is expected to be completed within 34 months from the signing of the tender contract, aiming for an opening in early 2027.

As per the Tallinn City Council's resolution on implementing the city's development strategy, "Tallinn 2035," for 2024-2027, Tallinn City Council decided on December 14, 2023, to fund the construction of the sports and multipurpose leisure building, including an Olympic-standard pool on Kuukivi Street 3, up to €20 million. This funding represents approximately a third of the total cost for the entire complex.