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Speed cameras active on Reidi tee from July 1

Speed cameras active on Reidi tee from July 1

On July 1, speed cameras located in the area of the Reidi tee, Narva maantee, and Pirita tee intersection will be activated. These cameras will not only detect speed violations but also those who ignore red traffic lights.

According to Deputy Mayor Kristjan Järvan, improving traffic safety is a clear priority for the city. “Tallinn does not condone traffic violations. Most drivers follow traffic rules, but unfortunately, there are those who exceed speed limits, ignore red traffic lights, or perform maneuvers that endanger other road users. While the cooperation between the city and the Police and Border Guard Board is excellent, it is neither possible nor necessary to have a stationary patrol at every intersection. Therefore, it is sensible to use automatic traffic surveillance at problematic intersections, as has been done for some time at the Kristiine intersection,” said Järvan.

Recent police speed measurements have shown that traffic rules are frequently violated at the Reidi tee, Narva maantee, and Pirita tee intersection. On Pirita tee, just before the Narva maantee intersection, 40 speed violations were detected during speed checks in May, with the highest speeds recorded at 79 and 82 km/h. On Reidi tee, heading towards Narva maantee, 41 violations were detected. Approaching from the city centre, just before Reidi tee on Narva maantee, the number of speed violators was significantly higher, reaching nearly 200 by the end of May.

“In the last four years, 11 people have been injured, and one person has died in traffic accidents at this intersection. There have been off-road crashes, collisions with off-road obstacles, side collisions between vehicles, and pedestrian knockdowns at crosswalks. If the driving speed is within the permissible limits and the intersection is not entered on a red light, the risk of traffic accidents is reduced significantly,” noted Taavi Kirss, head of the traffic surveillance department of the Põhja prefektuur.

All necessary procedures and approvals have been completed with the Estonian Transport Administration and the Police and Border Guard Board to ensure that the automatic traffic surveillance systems can start operating in July.
There are a few more intersections in Tallinn where the installation of speed cameras could be considered in cooperation with the police, but no specific decisions have been made yet.