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Spotlight on future business skills at Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day

Spotlight on future business skills at Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day

The 20th annual Tallinn Entrepreneurship Day takes place on September 26th at the Viru Conference Center. The theme of the event is "Skills that Matter in Future Entrepreneurship," emphasizing the development of entrepreneurial skills and their significance in a changing business environment.

According to Joosep Vimm, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, success in today's rapidly changing world doesn’t rely only on knowledge but also on skills. "Skills are what shape our ability to adapt, inspire, and create new opportunities for successful entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship Day is an excellent opportunity to discuss the future of entrepreneurship, where creativity, collaboration, technological expertise, and continuous learning are the values that guide us towards success. Entrepreneurial skills have evolved significantly over the past 20 years. Back then, most entrepreneurs focused on the local market, and international trade and digital business were in their infancy. Entrepreneurial skills primarily revolved around traditional sales, communication, and financial management. Today, digitization has transformed the business landscape, enabling new business models and a broader international market," Vimm explained.

The seminar at Entrepreneurship Day, featuring over 50 sessions, will delve into the growing importance of entrepreneurial skills in the future. It will explore why entrepreneurs need to be prepared to adapt to a rapidly changing economic environment and possess broader knowledge in technology and financial management, including the implementation of robotics and artificial intelligence. In addition to technical skills, innovative thinking and the ability to create new business models that address future challenges are crucial. The role of entrepreneurs in society is expanding, and environmentally friendly and sustainable practices have become a competitive advantage.

The day following the conference, on September 27th, the most outstanding entrepreneurs and individuals who promote entrepreneurship in Tallinn will be honored, and this year's Tallinn Entrepreneurship Awards will be presented. Traditionally, the best businesses are selected from those who have achieved something remarkable in their field over the past year, such as creating the most jobs, bringing innovative and environmentally friendly ideas to the market, introducing exciting products or services, adding value to society through their activities, or making a global impact through collaborative projects.

In addition to the seven main categories, Entrepreneurship Day will also present special awards, in collaboration with Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University, the Estonian Academy of Arts, and The Foundation of Estonian Universities of Applied Sciences, for the year's best applied research projects.

Registration for the Entrepreneurship Day events is free and open starting from September 12th at