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Spring break offers a wide range of camps and activities for youth in Tallinn

Spring break offers a wide range of camps and activities for youth in Tallinn

From April 22 to 28, Tallinn is set to offer a variety of events and camps tailored for youth aged 7-26, spanning a wide array of interests from arts and science to sports and technology. Registration for these enriching experiences is now open.

Deputy Mayor Andrei Kante highlighted that the school holiday offers a great opportunity to take time for oneself. "It's always worth trying new things to expand your knowledge and skills. Tallinn offers diverse and developmental camps that help young people discover and develop their full potential, so I encourage them to participate," Kante added.

At the ARS Art Factory's printmaking art camp, young people from the age of 10 can learn to create cartoons with an animation tool that creates the illusion of movement, try different printmaking techniques and print with a printing press, draw and discuss art topics, and visit exhibitions and studios in the art block. In the Nõmme Hobby School's city camp "Just for Fun," 7-10-year-olds will engage in art, crafts, and making activities. They will visit the hobby school's nature house and Nõmme Gümnaasium's planetarium and sports building, where they will learn to play the catch’n’serve ball game. Meanwhile, in the "Japan" city camp, 10-13-year-olds can paint with watercolors, fire ceramics on a live fire, decorate jeans with boro embroidery, and design a hieroglyphic shirt to take home. The kitchen will prepare Japanese-inspired dishes.

The Estonian Health Museum invites 7-10-year-olds to the "From Doctor to Inventor" camp, where they will dive into the fascinating world of science and health, build prototypes, and discover the secrets of the human body. Proto Invention Factory's protonaut camp explores the secret world of inventions with 7-10-year-olds. They will build machines that help hear sounds inaudible to the ear or detect the meanings of fingerprints. In addition to hand skills and new knowledge-developing workshops in the inventors' lab, adventure games will be conducted.

Nutigeen Hobby School invites 8-12-year-olds to a technology camp focused on climate change and its impact on human life. The program includes climate-related chemical experiments, discussions on technology and the development of agricultural robots. TalTech's innovation center Mektory welcomes 3rd-6th graders to a tech training camp, featuring various activities in interesting and educational workshops and sports games. The program includes animation making, robotics workshops, 3D modeling and printing, woodworking, science experiments, and much more.

The Põhja-Tallinn Youth Center invites 8-13-year-olds to participate in the "Adventurous Laboratory" camp. The camp includes visits to the Tallinn TV Tower for an overview of mass media emergence and television technology, participation in a Merkuur workshop to make an LED lamp, climbing at the Kivi Climbing Center, and many other exciting activities.

Valdeku Youth Center focuses on learning opportunities during the school holiday. Through various activities, discussions on what learning is and the choices available for learning and participation are facilitated. The goal is to figure out what non-formal learning is and how youth work can help in discovering learning and participation opportunities.

Haabersti Youth Center offers 7-12-year-olds the chance to participate in a woodworking workshop to make whistles, a pizza-making workshop, develop skills in a slackline workshop, and enjoy leisure time at the Adventure Golf Center and Happy-Fly trampoline center.

The school holiday programm (in Estonian language) is available on the website, which also provides information on activities available outside of school holidays.