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Start of school year brings challenging traffic conditions

Start of school year brings challenging traffic conditions

Due to ongoing roadworks in Tallinn City Centre, residents are advised to use public transport and plan extra time for their journeys. The challenging traffic conditions are partially alleviated in the autumn by the gradual restoration of tram lines and the reopening of several intersections for cars.

Tallinn Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet said that the most critical period will likely be September, as the school year begins and traffic users will have to start readapting to traffic conditions after the summer. “At the beginning of September, we will be able to reopen traffic on tram lines number 2 and 4 slightly ahead of schedule,” said Svet. “Trams number 1 and 3 are set to resume operating at the beginning of October. We will be able to partially reopen the Raua, Gonsiori, Kunderi and Tartu maantee intersections on Pronksi tänav for car traffic. Construction works will also end on Liivalaia, Tehnika and Vana-Kalamaja streets. Despite this, we ask city residents to allow extra time for their journeys and to consider using public transport whenever possible. To ensure the smooth organisation of public transport, we will once again bring traffic regulators to the most critical intersections in the city centre. We also intend to collaborate with the police for traffic control in public transport use.”

According to Tallinn Deputy Mayor Andrei Kante, who organises the field of education, the roadworks primarily impact educational institutions in the city centre, but also other schools whose students need to commute through the area. “The school administrators understand the issue and will consider these disruptions when necessary,” said Kante. “Parents will receive reminders about the temporary changes in traffic regulations in the city centre through eKool or Stuudium before the start of the school year, along with recommendations on how to navigate the situation. Most of all, we urge parents of primary-class students to go through the school route ahead of time and practice the journey. Public transport could serve as a viable alternative to cars when taking your child to school.”

Tram lines number 2 and 4 will continue operations on 1 September. Due to the construction of the Rail Baltic Ülemiste terminal, both lines will finish at Suur-Paala. Bus lines number 2 and 15 will visit the Lennujaam stop in both directions. Bus line number 2 will also include an additional stop at the airport tram stop in the direction of the city.

The section of Pronksi tänav between Tartu maantee and Raua tänav will be opened with a 1+1 lane configuration no later than 15 September. The opening of the intersections at Tartu maantee and Pronksi tänav depends on the drying time of the concrete. The intersections of Pronksi-Raua, Pronksi-Gonsiori and Pronksi-Kunderi will be partially opened for car traffic on 1 September.

Tram lines number 1 and 3 will continue operations on 1 October. The temporary tram line number 6 on the Tondi-Kopli route will continue to operate until the end of September. The city intends to maintain tram service between Pärnu maantee and Kopli tänav even after the full restoration of tram traffic in autumn. The temporary tram line number 6 has shown that demand for a tram line connecting Kopli and Pärnu maantee is high. From 1 to 30 September, a self-driving bus will operate on the Kumu-Weizenbergi route in Kadriorg.

Detours will continue until the end of the Vanasadama tramway construction works for bus lines number 1, 2, 5, 9, 11, 14, 15, 18, 18A, 20, 20A, 29, 31, 34, 35, 38, 42, 44, 46, 51, 55, 58, 60, 63 and 66. More information about detours can be found at and

Vana-Kalamaja tänav will be reopened for traffic on the evening of 3 September. With the street’s reopening, the regular route for bus line number 3 will be resumed starting from 1 September.

Utilitas will finish the district cooling network construction on Liivalaia tänav by 1 September. At the same time, on Tehnika tänav, the sewage collector renovation works ordered by AS Tallinna Vesi will be finished.

By 1 September, most of the bus stop reconstruction works in the city centre will be completed (some stops are already ready, and some will be ready by the end of August): Tõnismärgi stop, the ‘Blue’ stop at Vabaduse väljak, the Vabaduse väljak stop in front of Tallinn English College and Tallinn Central Library, Tallinna Ülikool stop, Hallivanamehe stop, Kalevi stop, Tornimäe stop on Rävala puiestee, and Pronksi stop on Narva maantee.

The Põhja puiestee and Kursi tänav intersection will be reopened to traffic on 30 September. Construction works will conclude on Ahtri tänav on 4 October. Narva maantee, Jõe and Pronksi street intersection will be opened for car traffic on 20 October. Motor vehicles will be able to pass through the Hobujaama tänav and Narva maantee intersection from 17 November.