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Stroomi Beach to get beach building with observation deck next year

Stroomi Beach to get beach building with observation deck next year

Next summer, a new beach building with an observation deck will be built at Stroomi Beach. The plan is to construct a temporary wooden modular house that can be utilized elsewhere upon the completion of a permanent solution.

Manuela Pihlap, the District Governor of Põhja-Tallinn, stated that the temporary solution was necessitated by the failure to find a developer to realize the project that won the architectural competition announced in 2020. "Building a grand beach house is not feasible in the current economically challenging period, so a new compact modular house that integrates with the beach park will be established as a temporary solution," said the Distict Governor, adding that Estonia has many manufacturers specializing in modular houses.

"Using a modular house allows for an interesting architectural solution and design for the temporary building, and the wood construction can later be relocated and repurposed for use by the citizens in another location for a different purpose," noted Deputy Mayor Tiit Terik, adding that the temporary beach house at Stroomi is planned for five years of use.

Manuela Pihlap emphasized that the functional interior of the planned beach house is based on feedback from local residents. "The district government conducted an idea collection in 2022. Põhja-Tallinn residents highly valued the view of the sea – the planned building will no longer obstruct the view of the sea from Kolde Street, and the house will have an observation deck. A cafe was a definitive preference among the citizens. The spaces in the beach house will be designed so that the catering facility can operate year-round and have enough room for events. Additionally, plans for the new beach house include a sauna, washing facilities, and restrooms," Pihlap listed.

Currently, preparations are underway for the construction of the temporary building. The new beach house is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2025. The construction of the beach house is being prepared by the Tallinn Property Department.