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Support measures offered for city centre businesses to mitigate the impact of construction works

Support measures offered for city centre businesses to mitigate the impact of construction works

With the end of the winter break, the construction of the Old City Harbour tramway in the city centre continues, affecting the daily lives and traffic arrangements of many citizens. Tallinn invites businesses to utilize city support measures aimed at mitigating the impact of the construction works.

"We must not forget that it is entrepreneurship that generates revenue for the city and its residents. Although a beautiful and accessible urban space is ultimately in the interest of entrepreneurs themselves, we must accommodate entrepreneurs as much as possible during construction to help mitigate the impact of the construction works. The advertising tax discount serves this purpose by allowing businesses to make themselves a bit more noticeable compared to the usual situation," said Monika Haukanõmm, the City Centre District Governor.

Businesses affected by the construction area are offered the opportunity to receive a 50 percent discount on advertising tax. To apply for the advertising tax discount, the street must be partially or fully closed due to construction works consecutively for six months or more, or a total of at least six months within a year. The tax discount can be granted for the period of street closure or partial closure, and for two months after the end of the closure, to advertise the products and services offered by the business operating in the construction area.

The city has also specified the procedures and minimum rates for leasing city-owned facilities for commercial activities, allowing facilities to be used for free for a certain period after the completion of construction works and the removal of traffic restrictions to compensate for turnover losses.

In October last year, the Tallinn City Government approved an action plan for support measures targeted at businesses, aimed at providing support to alleviate the impacts of prolonged construction works. Until the end of January, the city conducted an information campaign aimed at helping downtown businesses regain customers lost due to construction works.

As a result of the Old City Harbour tramway construction works, a new tramway section of approximately 2.5 kilometers will be completed, starting from the intersection of Kivisilla and Gonsiori Streets and extending to Põhja puiestee. The project is funded by the European Union through the NextGenerationEU recovery fund.

At the Old City Harbour tramway website, public transport users can find detailed information on the rerouting of public transport lines, and drivers can find traffic management information along with detour schemes.