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Tallinn adds €25 to “Bike to School” grant for helmet purchase

Tallinn adds €25 to “Bike to School” grant for helmet purchase

The City of Tallinn has decided to add  up to €25 for the purchase of a bicycle helmet to the "Bike to School" grant of up to €100. The application for the grant must be sent together with the application for the bicycle purchase subsidy and the invoice for the purchase of the helmet.

Tallinn Deputy Mayor Joosep Vimm said the aim of the change is to make cycling as safe as possible. "Although it is compulsory for children to wear a helmet, this change will give them the extra assurance that they will get one and wear it. Riding a bike between school and home encourages children's mobility habits, so we hope that as many children as possible will get their bike licenses and start riding every day," said Vimm.

Those who have already received a subsidy for the purchase of a bicycle are also entitled to a helmet subsidy. To do so, residents must submit a supplementary application for a helmet allowance within one year of submitting the application for a bike allowance. 

As from next year, one of the conditions for receiving the subsidy for the purchase of a bicycle is that the cyclist's license must have been issued in the year of application for the subsidy or the year before. This change will also allow for support for those who take their driving test at the end of the year but plan to buy a bike in the spring.

"The planned budget for the “Bike to School” grant is €100 000 per year. In the first three months of 2022, 228 grant applications have been submitted, of which 217 have met the conditions of the regulation.

The support for cycling will also contribute to Tallinn's ambition to become a European Green Capital in 2023, by improving the city's environmental performance, quality of life and living environment.

More information on obtaining a cyclist's license and the driving test is available on the website: 


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