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Tallinn and Music Estonia start cooperation to boost the music industry

As of 10 November, UNESCO City of Music Tallinn and music industry development center Music Estonia will start cooperation. 

The aim of the camps is to empower local emerging music publishers, record labels, studios and management - creating opportunities for international collaboration and new music creation.

The leader of the Tallinn Music City project Birgit Krullo said that a professional support system must be in place in order to support the development of the Estonian music industry. “Estonia has brought to the international stage a number of excellent musicians with unique identities and exciting styles,” said Krullo. “In the years to come, Tallinn will be more attentive to record labels, agencies and the Estonian management - the side of the music industry whose development will ensure the visibility and lasting impact of our music and musicians tomorrow and beyond."

In the second phase, a Musical/Digital program will be set up to develop cooperation between music companies and the digital sector and contribute to the international marketing of Tallinn. In addition, the capital will support annual mapping, analysis and related research to better understand the social and economic impact of the music sector.  The conditions for applying for songwriting camps and the evaluation criteria can be found HERE. Applications can be submitted HERE.. 

"We plan to continue this kind of fund in the coming years to support new international collaborations in the field and the writing of new music," said  Ave Tölpt, the Head of the music industry development center Music Estonia.

International networking in the music sector will be supported by the Connect&Exchange programme, which will bring music business delegations to other UNESCO Cities of Creativity, and delegations from other cities to Tallinn. The project is aimed at existing companies looking to expand internationally.

All programs are coordinated by Music Estonia, representing Tallinn's music industry across all genres.