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Tallinn annownced the winning ideas of the participatory budget

The idea-gathering of the first participatory budget in Tallinn was very successful, more than 5 percent of the citizens with the right to vote participated in the referendum to choose between the ideas proposed by Tallinners.

Tallinn City Government confirmed the results of the participatory budget vote. 5.1 percent of city dwellers with the right to vote, or a total of 19,570 Tallinners, participated in the referendum on the participatory budget. The majority of them, 18,543 voters, cast their votes electronically and 1,027 on paper.

The competition between the ideas presented was fierce in every district. In five districts, voters preferred the development of mobility and health trail infrastructure. In Lasnamäe, the project to renovate the Mustakivi pedestrian tunnel won the support of the people; in Kristiine, the construction of a Japanese mini-forest; and in North Tallinn, the initiative to build the Kass August's promenade on Kopli Street. Winning ideas will be implemented in each district, but others will also be analysed with a view to finding ways to take them into account.

"In the City Centre and Kristiine, we see the opportunity and the need to implement the idea of ​​both the first and the second place, there is also funding for it. We will probably also implement some projects with a supplementary budget in Tallinn," Mihhail Kõlvart, the Mayor of Tallinn, said.

Winners of voting by districts:

  • The construction of an outdoor gym on the Õismäe bog health trail by Vana-Rannamõisa Road received 445 votes in Haabersti. A total of 1,814 votes were cast in the district. More about the idea: An outdoor gym for the Õismäe Bog health trail;
  • In the City centre, the idea of ​​placing drinking taps along health trails won with 557 votes in a fierce competition. More about the idea: Drinking taps by health trails; Second place went to the idea of ​​"Eliisabeth's Dream" with the aim of building a playground for children over 10 years of age in Hirvepark: Eliisabet's dream - a playground for children aged 10+. A total of 2,531 votes were cast in the district.
  • In Kristiine, the idea to build a Japanese miniforest on Tildri Street was the first in a very close competition with 436 votes. More about the idea: Japanese style miniforest in Kristiine. Secondly, the 435-vote initiative was to build a low-rise adventure trail with illuminated trails in Löwenruh Park along Algi Street. More about the idea: A low adventure trail with illuminated trails in Löwenruh' Park. A total of 1,918 votes were cast in the district.
  • The favorite of Lasnamäe residents with 1411 votes was the initiative to renovate the Mustakivi pedestrian tunnel. A total of 4,856 votes were cast in the district. More about the idea: Improving the Pedestrian Tunnel in Mustakivi.
  • In Mustamäe, 909 votes were given to the idea to build a ball games arena on Kiili Street near Tallinn 32nd Secondary School. A total of 2,153 votes were cast in the district. More about the idea: Tallinn Secondary School No 32 Ball Games Arena.
  • In Nõmme, 765 votes were cast for the initiative to reconstruct the surface of Pääsküla bog and Harku health trails. A total of 2,291 votes were cast in the district. More about the idea: Pääsküla and Harku Fitness Trails' Surface Reconstruction
  • In Pirita, the idea on the construction of the Pumptrack track for cyclists, skateboarders and roller skaters on Rummu Road received 544 votes. A total of 1,196 votes were cast in the district. More about the idea: Installation of Pump track in Pirita.
  • In Northern Tallinn, the idea to build the Kass August’s promenade on Kopli Street won with 755 votes. A total of 2,811 votes were cast in the district. More about the idea: Kass August's Promenade on Kopli Street.

For the first time, the city of Tallinn initiated the participatory budget project for the financial year 2021, with a total investment of 800,000 euros. The process of participatory budgeting continues, with the new idea-gathering session taking place in the second half of this year. The city also plans gather feedback from the idea submitters and the community soon to make the process more smooth.

All people at least 14 years of age who live in Tallinn according to the population register could participate in the referendum on the ideas of participatory budget. Everyone was able to vote for up to two ideas they liked in their district.

See also the Tallinn participatory budget website: /eng/kaasaveelarve/

Photo: Albert Truuväärt / Pealinn