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Tallinn awarded a contract for the installation and maintenance of bus shelters and outdoor areas at public car parks

The City of Tallinn has signed a 21-year contract with JCDecaux Eesti OÜ for the installation and maintenance of new public bus shelters, public outdoor areas, advertising and city information screens. JCDecaux Eesti OÜ will have the right to display outdoor advertising on these buildings. 

According to Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart, a modern urban space includes, among other things, high-quality and passenger-friendly pavilions. "Our goal is to replace all bus shelters in the coming years. The number of public transport users in Tallinn has been growing in recent years, which is why we are renewing the fleet of public transport vehicles, developing the route network and other infrastructure to make public transport even more convenient for passengers," said Kõlvart. "However, the addition of public outdoor areas in the urban space, which are also adapted for people with disabilities, is no less important."
The tender was the first of its kind in Estonia, where the contracting authority considered the design and quality of the offered buildings more important than the contract value and allowed the winner to cross-subsidise the costs of the service through advertising sales. As a result of the tender, Tallinn will not spend any budget on the production, installation or maintenance of the buildings and will receive up to €500 000 annually in revenue from advertising tax.
According to Kristiina Sepp, Managing Director of the contract partner JCDecaux Eesti OÜ, the continuation of the cooperation is a great recognition. "We are delighted to have been selected as a contract partner of the City of Tallinn as a result of the tender. We are looking forward to working together to modernize the city's streetscape with newly designed lounges, outdoor public areas and advertising screens, and to provide the services that the residents of the City of Tallinn need and the quality outdoor advertising opportunities that advertisers require," said Sepp.
Under the contract, 1,200 new platforms will be installed in the city, with the first 313 new platforms to be installed as early as 2024. 600 of the new platforms will be designed by the city of Tallinn, based on the winning design of the platform design competition "Gates" by the Upstairs agency. The remaining 600 platforms will be designed by the contractor with a new design created specifically for the city of Tallinn. Both designs will also allow for the installation of innovative solutions such as lawn coverings, solar panels, etc., which are important in the context of both innovative urban design and the promotion of green thinking. Currently, there are a total of 960 bus shelters in Tallinn's public car parks.
Under the contract, JCDecaux Eesti OÜ will have the right to sell advertising on 121 separate advertising screens in addition to those in the lounges, with the obligation to install and maintain them. In addition to the billboards, 20 city information screens will be installed in the city space, which will be maintained by the contract partner and on which the City of Tallinn will be able to provide information to the city's residents and visitors.
The company is also committed to installing 34 fully automated outdoor public toilets as permanent facilities in Tallinn, 24 of which will be located in new sites. Two types of toilets were chosen for the contract to ensure that they are suitable for different environments. The insulated toilets, which will be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, will be maintained on a daily basis