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Tallinn awards European decathlon champion Johannes Erm and his coach

Tallinn awards European decathlon champion Johannes Erm and his coach

The Tallinn City Government has allocated 6000 euros from the city’s reserve fund to the Tallinn Culture and Sports Department to recognize the achievements of Johannes Erm and his coach Holger Peel at the European Athletics Championships in Rome, Italy.

"Johannes Erm, a resident of Tallinn, won the gold medal in the decathlon at the European Championships in Rome, a victory we have awaited for nearly 26 years. What an incredible win!" said Deputy Mayor Madle Lippus, who presented the award. "Tallinn places great importance on acknowledging and honoring our athletes who have distinguished themselves in international competitions. Such remarkable titles result from immense, persistent effort, and this victory proves that dedication leads to success, serving as inspiration for our young athletes. I thank Johannes Erm and his coach Holger Peel, whose achievement makes all of Estonia proud."

Johannes Erm became the European decathlon champion on June 11 in Rome. Erm was awarded 4000 euros, and his coach Holger Peel received 2000 euros. The awards were presented to the European champion and his coach at the Tallinn City Government press conference on June 18.''

Tallinn recognizes the high sports achievements of athletes and their coaches from Tallinn in the Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships, and European Games. More information about the support distribution policy can be found here.