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Tallinn to build new tramways, one of which will reach to Kristiine Shopping Center

Tallinn to build new tramways, one of which will reach to Kristiine Shopping Center

Tallinn is planning to construct new tramways on Liivalaia Street and along the Pollinator Highway (Putukaväil) leading to Pelguranna. The plan involves adding three kilometers of new tracks.

The first phase of construction of planned tramway on Liivalaia Street involves connecting the tram lines between Pärnu maantee and Tartu maantee. In the second phase, the plan is to extend the tram line along Suur-Ameerika Street to Kristiine Shopping Center, where a gradual development of the Lilleküla public transport hub is planned. The Pelguranna tramway will partly run along the edge of Pollinator Highway (Putukaväil), but the exact route for this section is still under finalization and will be announced soon.

This week, the City Government sent a proposal to the Ministry of Climate for European Union funding to expand the city's tram network. If the Ministry of Climate includes Tallinn's proposals in the European Regional Development Fund's investment list, public engagement and design condition proceedings will start this year. This will be followed by a design phase of 1.5-2 years, and the construction of new tramways could begin in 2026. The construction cost of the two tram lines is estimated at approximately 52.8 million euros, with 70% from external funding and 30% from Tallinn's own financing. The deadline for using the external funding project resources is October 2029.

Residents will be involved at three stages: during the processing of design conditions, upon the completion of the preliminary design, and upon the finalization of the main project.