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Tallinn celebrated its best young athletes

Tallinn celebrated its best young athletes

Today, 16 February, at Town Hall, Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev and Olympic Champion and six-time Tallinn Male Athlete of the Year Erki Nool, gave awards to outstanding young athletes and their coaches.

Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev said "Tallinn supports the aspirations of young athletes and their future sporting paths, which has become a nice tradition. "I am proud that we can highlight the many talented young people who bring home medals, recognition and joy. This year, Tallinn will support 50 of the best young athletes aged 14-23 in Tallinn and their coaches, as well as two teams in the sports games," said Belobrovtsev.

The aim of the ceremony is to value Tallinn’s young athletes and their coaches and support their future accomplishments. The City of Tallinn awarded €40 000 to the best young athletes of 2022. 

This year, swimmers Eneli Jefimova, Georg Filippov and Daniil Drozdov; para-swimmer Keira Rattu and Kaspar Paul Loik; figure skaters Niina Petrykina, Mikhail Selevko and Arlet Levandi; track and field athletes Liisa-Maria Lusti, Heti Väät, Mirtel Klaar, Manfred Männamaa and Karl Kristjan Pohlak; wrestlers Viktoria Vesso, Robi Kristjuhan, Ranet Kaljola, Richard Pajuviidik and Richard Karelson; taekwondo athletes Arina Tishuk, Aleksandra Andreyeva and Nikita Gordeyev; karate athletes Mihkel Mets, Annaliisa Lett and Saveli Bolotskihh; judoka Darja Mihhailova; boxers Joseph Palm, Marin Mikitjansky and Igor Antonov; kickboxer David Irhin; pentathletes Johanna Maria Jõgisu and Carl Robert Kallaste; triathlete Liis Kapten; fencers Markus Salm and  Kasper Tafenu; gymnasts Anette Vaher, Ester Kreitsman and Melany Keler; cyclist Elisabeth Ebras; sailors Kaito Haamer and Pärtel Orusalu; billiard players Karl Gnadeberg and Gert Maimre; chess player Sofia Blokhin; orienteer Olle Ilmar Jaama; scuba diver Toomas Ruul; windsurfer Jakob Heinrich Tuubel; golfer Ken-Marten Soo; tennis players Maileen Nuudi and Mark Lajal; wheelchair dancer Matvei Serednitskiy. In the sports category, the U18 basketball team and the U20 handball team were recognised.

The award grant was between €500 and €1500 for young athletes and €3000 for teams.  The award for the best young athlete will be based on the number of participants in the field or category and the place achieved by the athlete applying for the grant. The Commission will also take into account the international and Estonian profile and popularity of the sport, the number of countries participating in the competition, the fact that the sport is included in the Olympic programme and/or on Tallinn's list of priority sports.

The ceremony was organized for the 11th time this year. The ceremony was created by the then Deputy Mayor and the current Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart and the Tallinn Culture and Sports Department. The first event took place in 2013.