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Tallinn celebrates minority cultures

For the eighth time, Tallinn will host Days National Cultures from 16 to 25 September, highlighting the national minorities and their cultures living in Tallinn. The event offers free concerts, film screenings, picnics, language and culture cafés, children's events and much more.

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"Tallinn has always been a meeting place for different cultures," said Vadim Belobrovtsev, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn. "Today, several dozens of different nationalities consider Tallinn their home. Cultural diversity is enriching, and it is noteworthy that almost 47 percent of Tallinn’s population consists of people from different ethnic minorities."

"Despite the current difficult times in global politics and the still ongoing health crisis, it is very important that Tallinn continues with the tradition of holding the Days of National Cultures, where all citizens and visitors of the city can get acquainted with the customs, traditions and cuisine of different national cultures. Organising such events and keeping them alive and thriving is particularly important in challenging times. Getting to know and understanding each other's customs broadens our horizons, gives us a new perspective to appreciate our own culture, and increases our sense of unity, which in turn helps to survive even the most difficult times," added Belobrovtsev.

The Days of National Cultures give people of all ages the opportunity to experience the cultures around us through food, dance, language, music, art and much more. Events take place in various cultural centres, libraries, community gardens, etc. all over Tallinn and are mostly free of charge.

For example, the programme organises language walks and cafés, offering the opportunity to learn and practise new languages, as well as cultural walks for seniors. You can take part in food workshops on different national cultures, for example learning to make Korean pancakes with vegetables, Ukrainian borsch and Kiev cutlets or Moon pasta. Participants can also learn dances of different nationalities and enjoy concerts with world-class music. There will also be a series of thematic exhibitions and displays, and a large ethno-fair with a varied cultural programme.

For more information and the programme of the Days of National Cultures, click here: