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Tallinn City Government has determined the locations of polling stations for the March elections of the Estonian Parliament

Tallinn City Government has determined the locations of polling stations for the March elections. 

A total of 81 polling stations will be formed in Tallinn. Residents cast your vote in several major shopping centres, such as Solaris, Rocca al Mare, Kristiine, Magistral, Mustika and Järve, as well as in Maxima in Haabersti and Lasnamäe Centrum. 

"In the formation of the polling stations, we have taken into account as much as possible the actual movement of people. It should be as easy as possible to cast your vote, which is why you can also cast your vote in major shopping centers," said Tallinn City Secretary Priit Lello. 

Compared to the previous Riigikogu elections in 2019, there are four fewer constituencies. For the city council elections in October 2021, 15 more wards were opened to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, in order to spread voters across more wards.

Several polling stations are moving to new locations. For example, in Lasnamäe, the Paepargi Maxima (Paepargi 57) precinct will move to a temporary precinct in the Circle K Võidujooksu area (Võidujooksu 10) and the precinct in Smuuli Maxima (Smuuli tee 9) will move to a temporary location in the parking area of the centre.

The precinct at the Nõmme Recreation School (Vikerkaare tn 10) will be moved back to the Nõmme Swimming Pool (Vabaduse 156), as experience from previous elections showed that the location of this precinct in the swimming pool was more convenient for voters.

The locations of all polling stations can be found in the city administration's regulations:

Changes to the location of polling stations are described in more detail in the explanatory memorandum to the regulation: