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Tallinn to continue paying subsidies for sports activities and increase their basic amount

Tallinn will provide €6.9 million in support for youth sports activities this year. The basic amount of support for amateur athletes and coaches will increase from €220 to €230.

According to Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev, it is important to provide continuous support for young athletes and for the activities of amateur athletes and sports clubs. “This year, we are supporting a total of 162 sports organizations, 22 449 amateur athletes and 543 coaches with a total amount of €6 913 131, " said Belobrovtsev. “I am particularly pleased that despite the difficult economic situation, the city still found a way to increase the basic amount of support for sport activities,” added Belobrovtsev.

The €6.91 million allocated by the city this year will provide a basic contribution of €230 for amateurs and coaches. An additional €50 per amateur athlete will be added to the subsidy for quality sports clubs.

The sport activity grant is intended for sports clubs and schools to organize sports activities for young athletes in Tallinn ages between 7-19 years of age and for disabled and permanently disabled amateur athletes. The sport activity grant has been paid by the city of Tallinn since 2003. 

For more information about the sports activity grant, visit Tallinn website