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Tallinn continues supporting international conferences

Tallinn continues supporting international conferences

Tallinn is set to continue its support for international conferences, a initiative started last year, with funding for 28 international conferences, several of which will take place in 2024. The budget for this support measure is 275,000 euros.

Deputy Mayor Joosep Vimm noted that Tallinn is a positively surprising tourism destination, often revisited by foreign tourists who come here for events. “Our cafes and restaurants are highly valued for their quality. Conference tourists significantly contribute to the hospitality, restaurant, and retail sectors. International events allow first-time guests to get inspired by Tallinn and often lead them to return with friends and family. We are increasingly focusing on off-season events to help level the seasonality in the tourism sector,” Vimm explained.

In 2024, the support will cover meetings initiated by universities, research, professional, or hobbyist organizations, or other NGOs. These meetings are organized for discussing topics in their field and exchanging information and innovative ideas. Meetings of employees, clients, partners of a single company, educational trips, trainings, competitions, fairs, regular meetings, info days, exhibitions, festivals, or hackathons do not qualify as conferences. Approximately 7,000 foreign delegates are expected to attend the supported conferences.

Conferences eligible for support next year must take place between October 1 and April 30. The program must last at least two consecutive days with at least four hours of content each day. There must be delegates from at least two countries, with a minimum of 75 foreign delegates for conferences in January, February, and March, and at least 120 for those in April, October, November, and December. Conference organizers are expected to hold these events in as sustainable and eco-friendly a manner as possible.

Tallinn ranks highest in the sustainability index for Eastern European destinations, enhancing its visibility in the region. “Our local businesses’ ability to offer sustainable venues, accommodation, and catering options makes Tallinn more attractive to organizations that support sustainability, which in turn helps the city learn and develop in this area,” added Vimm.

The requirement for sustainable conference organization encourages organizers to think through these themes, with the city’s own guidelines and comprehensive awareness-raising efforts for event organizers, including web information and seminars, serving as a support. Events like Latitude59 and Impact Day stood out this year for their eco-friendly guidelines.

The maximum grant for a single conference is up to 30,000 euros, evaluated based on three criteria: the number of foreign delegates, the duration of the conference program, and the month of the conference. The support covers up to 60% of the eligible expenses made by the applicant.

For details on the grant provision process, please refer to the guidelines available HERE (in Estonian).