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Tallinn Electoral Committee confirmed the voting results in local elections

Tallinn Electoral Committee confirmed the voting results in local elections

At today’s meeting, Tallinn Electoral Committee confirmed the voting results of City Council elections.

In Tallinn, 191,615 people from a total of 353,360 eligible voters cast their votes. Among them, 88,127 cast their votes electronically and 103,488 on paper ballots.

According to the Chairman of Tallinn Electoral Committee, City Secretary Priit Lello, the elections went smoothly with no major obstacles or incidents. "I extend my gratitude to all the voters and to the hardworking people who helped to make the elections run smoothly. Turnout last week was higher than in the council elections held in 2017: the right to vote was used by 54.5 percent of those eligible. This is a good result in the current conditions of the coronavirus outbreak," said Lello.

"Voting in the open polling places of shopping malls was well received. The voting tents in Mustamäe, Lasnamäe and Põhja-Tallinn districts were visited very actively," said Lello. "Also, the number of electronic votes was at a record level. This may have been influenced by people wishing to avoid close contact during the virus outbreak, but also by confidence in the e-voting system."

The confirmation of the election result was preceded by a recount of all paper ballots by the city electoral committee, which was done from Monday morning to afternoon in Kalev Sports Hall. The counting of votes cast electronically was managed by the National Electoral Commission.

In order to determine the preliminary voting result on Sunday evening and night, paper ballots were counted in the polling stations. Votes cast outside the voter’s place of residence were simultaneously counted at the headquarters of the Tallinn Electoral Committee in Kalev Sports Hall.

In total, more than 900 people helped to prepare and organize local elections in Tallinn, most of whom worked in polling stations during election week.

More detailed information on the Tallinn voting results are available on the website of the National Electoral Commission: