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Tallinn establishes city architect position

Tallinn establishes city architect position

The Tallinn City Government has approved structural changes, creating the position of City Architect within the Tallinn Urban Planning Department. Additionally, the Spatial Planning Department will be integrated into the Urban Planning Department, and the structure of the service handling plans and projects will be reorganized. The aim of these changes is to enhance the quality of urban space-related decisions.

Deputy Mayor Madle Lippus emphasized the importance of holistic guidance for spatial decisions to ensure urban continuity and alignment with the city's overall development goals. “An example of this need is the planning of kindergartens, which has so far been somewhat random but requires a comprehensive perspective and cooperation with other departments,” Lippus explained. She noted that Tallinn has many experienced and skilled specialists, but their roles and the direction of architectural thought need consistent professional maintenance. “To address this, we are creating the position of City Architect, whose main task will be to manage strategic spatial planning and high-value spatial planning issues, as decisions about urban space involve multiple stakeholders and departments.”

Furthermore, today's decision will transfer the Spatial Planning Department, currently part of the Tallinn Strategic Management Office, to the Urban Planning Department to ensure centralized and unified management of urban planning and to enable better urban planning decisions.

Additionally, the structure of the Detailed Planning Service within the Urban Planning Department will be reorganized. The regional departments will be eliminated and replaced with a Planning Department and a Design Conditions Department. A consulting department will be established within the Heritage Protection Department, bringing together specialists who offer consultation in the field of heritage protection, as well as those who have previously worked as specialists in areas of significant cultural value within the Detailed Planning Service.

Some of these structural changes will take effect on June 1, while others will be implemented on July 1, 2024.