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Tallinn to guarantee school places for all students

Tallinn to guarantee school places for all students

In the recently begun school year, 48,700 students started their studies in 58 Tallinn municipal general education schools. A school place is guaranteed for all students living in Tallinn whose parents have applied for it.

Tallinn Deputy Mayor Andrei Kante said that there are currently 436 available places in Tallinn schools and that they are also guaranteed for students who have recently moved to the capital. "The main challenge in determining school places was the lack of a clear overview, as schools did not know before 1 September whether all enrolled students would continue their studies into the next school year," said Kante. "This concerned Ukrainian refugees who have since left Estonia, as well as students who continued their studies abroad or in another municipality. Parents of students who were still enrolled but had given up their spots did not inform the Tallinn Education Department, and the availability of free places was often determined until the start of the school year. As a result, there was also a delay in securing school placements for students who had submitted their applications during the summer."

The Tallinn Education Department received 420 school place applications during the summer, with over half of them being submitted in the final weeks of August, and some even in September. Because of this, the process has been time-consuming. According to Tallinn Education Department Manager Kaarel Rundu, all students in need of a school place will receive one by the end of this week. "There are still around 50 students awaiting a place, but each of them will be assigned to a school with adequate space and teachers, located as close as possible to their home," said Rundu.

As of Monday, there were 436 available places in Tallinn schools. More precise information will be available by the end of this week when schools will have submitted data regarding unfilled student places to the Tallinn Education Department.