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Tallinn honors outstanding restoration projects of 2023

Tallinn honors outstanding restoration projects of 2023

Yesterday, the Tallinn Urban Planning Department honored the owners, architects, and construction companies of historical buildings that were excellently restored and refurbished last year. The awards were presented by Deputy Mayor Madle Lippus and the head of the City Planning Department, Martin Karro.

Deputy Mayor Madle Lippus emphasized that restoring valuable architectural heritage is always more complex and time-consuming than ordinary construction work, making it particularly commendable. "I am very grateful for these works, which have literally liberated some valuable buildings from the layers that covered them, and whose owners have made a significant contribution to ensuring that our architectural heritage can shine in its best form – as it was originally intended," said Lippus.

This year, the city recognized 44 owners, architects, construction companies, or craftsmen for restoration work on 21 properties last year. Three €1000 prizes were awarded. The prizes went to Renno Mägi and Riina Jõgis, owners of Koidu 68, for the restoration of a building in the Uus Maailm area; Kaspar Vitsur, owner of Kurni 14, for exemplary facade restoration in the Nõmme heritage protection area; and Marko Annion for the excellent and sensitive restoration of the street-facing facade at Suur-Karja 6.

Carolin Pihlap, Head of the Heritage Protection Department of the Urban Planning Department, highlighted that in addition to building restorations, the city also recognizes the Estonian Theatre Union and restorer Paul Uibopuu for restoring the grave markers and enclosures of actors Theodor Altermann and Karl Jungholz at the Siselinna Cemetery. The farthest restored object is located on Aegna Island: the former Officers' Casino building. The smallest restored object was a garden pavilion in the courtyard of Gustav Adolf Grammar School, for which the school received recognition.

In the field of archaeology, OÜ Arheox and MTÜ Arheoloogia and building history group AEG were recognized for exemplary research carried out during the extension of Tallinna Reaalkool school building. The most spectacular work was done by the Bristols family, who restored and gilded the Tallinn Toomkirik’s (St. Mary's Cathedral) cathedral bell.

In addition to the aforementioned, several other restorers and construction masters were recognized for their excellent craftsmanship. For instance, Jaanus Vipper (from OÜ Kuukaar), who restored the wooden beams and grained floor in the basement of Rataskaevu 5; Taavi Tiidor, who restored the stucco decoration at Teatri väljak 1; Joe Joosep, who was the project manager for the restoration of the Oleviste Church's Mary Chapel; and stonemason Pjotr Kutšma (from Oma Fassaad OÜ), who restored the award-winning facade at Suur-Karja 6.

In addition to the three monetary awards, the following were also recognized:
  • Riina Nedzelskiene and Heli Ernesaks from Fe Architects OÜ, the designers of the restoration project for Koidu 68.
  • Kristina Sepp from Miho OÜ, the designer of the restoration project for Kurni 14, and Henry Tilk from PuuPind OÜ, who restored and replicated the building's openings.
  • Pjotr Kutšma from Oma Fassaad OÜ for the facade restoration work at Suur-Karja 6 and Elo Sova for supervising the facade restoration works.
  • Owners of Pärnu mnt 175, Maarja-Liis Reiman and Liivi Reilson, for restoring the facades of a residential building in Nõmme, Indrek Laos from Flux Projekt OÜ, and Maiu Uusmaa from BOA Architects OÜ, and Sarapiku Ehitus OÜ for the restoration works.
  • The housing association of Rukki tn 4 for restoring a valuable residential building in the Pelgulinn area.
  • OÜ Merkest for reconstructing and restoring business buildings at Vabriku 6//Valgevase 13.
  • Perton Ehitus OÜ for restoring a residential building at Köleri 10 in the Kadriorg heritage protection area and Viktor Jermakov for managing the restoration works.
  • Egon Luik for sensitively reconstructing a post-war individual house and fence at Tõusu tee 25 in Merivälja.
  • The housing association of Sikupilli tn 8 for restoring the facades of a residential building in the Majaka district.
  • Tammsaare Arenduse OÜ for restoring the building at Sõjakooli 6 in the Tondi military district, 1Partner Ehitus OÜ for the construction and restoration works, Marek Kaasik from Ehitusagentuur OÜ for supervising the works, and Grete Liis Nagelmann from HG Architecture OÜ for designing Sõjakooli 6.
  • Raul Lindemann for organizing the restoration of the painting at Pikk 43.
  • Märt Vooglaid for representing the owners of the building at Estonia pst 7 // Teatri väljak 1 in restoring the interior and facades, OÜ Aruna Ehitus for the facade works, Maris Mändel from Restklubi OÜ for heritage supervision, and Taavi Tiidor from Taatsi OÜ for stucco restoration.
  • Kirkcong Property OÜ for organizing the restoration works at Rataskaevu 5 and Jaanus Vipper from OÜ Kuukaar for conserving the wooden beams and restoring the grained wooden floor in the basement.
  • The Bristols family for restoring and gilding the Tallinn Toomkirik’s cathedral bell.
  • The Oleviste Congregation for organizing the facade works at Oleviste Church's Mary Chapel, Joe Joosep from Trust Ehitus OÜ for managing the restoration works, Elo Sova for developing the restoration plan and supervising the works, and Urmas Tammemäe for heritage supervision.
  • The Art Museum of Estonia for well-executed restoration and development works at Niguliste Church, KOKO Architects OÜ for designing the restoration works, Marko Kozorenko from Tarrest LT OÜ for managing the construction works, and Deivy Paavo for heritage supervision at Niguliste Church.
  • Suur-Karja Residents OÜ, represented by Andrei Jevas, for reconstructing the historic building at Suur-Karja 12.
  • Gustav Adolf Gümnaasium school for restoring the garden pavilion in the school courtyard.
  • OÜ Murbaran for restoring the Officers' Casino building on Aegna Island.
  • The Estonian Theatre Union for organizing the restoration of the grave markers and enclosures of Theodor Altermann and Karl Jungholz at the Siselinna Cemetery, and restorer Paul Uibopuu from OÜ Restitutor for executing the works.
  • OÜ Arheox and MTÜ Archaeology and building history group AEG for conducting exemplary archaeological research during the extension of Tallinna Reaalkool, and Martin Siimer from the Tallinn Property Department for good cooperation in organizing the excavations.
The award recipients are selected by a committee comprising representatives from the City of Tallinn's heritage conservation and urban environment sectors, the Deputy Mayor's office, the City Council, and the Estonian National Heritage Board.