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Tallinn to initiate detailed planning for Paldiski maantee 108 property

Tallinn to initiate detailed planning for Paldiski maantee 108 property

The Tallinn City Government has submitted a draft decision to the City Council to initiate a detailed plan and strategic environmental assessment for the property at Paldiski maantee 108 and its surrounding area in the Haabersti district.

Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning, Madle Lippus, noted that the Rocca Al Mare central area has gathered a variety of services and hosts several citywide destinations, making it natural to replace extensive advertising spaces that require significant land resources. “Consolidating housing and commercial spaces in the central area strengthens these centers, and through these spatial changes, it is possible to create more quality public spaces, enriching the quality of life for both future apartment owners and the center area residents,” said Lippus.

The planned area, covering 2.03 hectares, is located between Paldiski maantee and Rannamõisa tee. The detailed plan is requested by Aktiaselts Belmot Estonia, the owner of the land.

The purpose of the detailed planning is to change the designated use of Paldiski maantee 108 to residential and commercial land, and to provide building rights for the construction of 1 to 22-story residential buildings with commercial premises. In addition, a strategic environmental assessment will be initiated because the construction of high-rises significantly impacts the area.

Planning conditions include, among other things, designing commercial and service spaces within the buildings, which must account for at least half of the building's area to serve the local residents. It is also required to preserve valuable tall vegetation and plan a green buffer towards the Rannamõisa tee 1 property. The creation of a public park area should consider the needs of different age groups, and in addition to a playground, it is necessary to develop a recreational or relaxation area.

An essential part of the plan includes designing bicycle and pedestrian paths with landscaping; bicycle parking must be planned in accordance with the Tallinn Bicycle Strategy 2018–2028. Pedestrian tunnels and bridges must be considered for crossing the intersection, and the paths must be connected to surrounding developments.

Before drafting the construction project, an architectural competition will be held in cooperation with the Tallinn Urban Planning Department to ensure a comprehensive and high-quality outdoor space solution, including new landscaping and a playground.

The preliminary design solution and illustrative material for the planning initiation, which provides an initial overview of the planned area, have been prepared by K-Projekt Aktiaselts.