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Tallinn initiates construction of a new school in Põhja-Tallinn

Tallinn initiates construction of a new school in Põhja-Tallinn

Today, on April 15, representatives from the City of Tallinn and the architectural firm Sammas Arhitektuuribüroo OÜ unveiled the project for a new school building and its construction progress at Karjamaa Street 18, Põhja-Tallinn. In response to the growing demand for school places due to new developments in the area, the city plans to renovate a building formerly used as a school until 2021 and open a new primary school with 864 student places.

Kaarel Rundu, the head of Tallinn's Education Department, stated, " The 'Tallinn 2035' development strategy aims to create a well-rounded and varied educational system, ensuring that high-quality basic education is conveniently available near the homes of all students. Põhja-Tallinn is a rapidly developing area attracting many young families. This growth significantly impacts the educational network as existing schools can no longer accommodate the demand for primary education places. The creation of this new school will relieve some of the pressure on school places in both Põhja-Tallinn and to some extent in the city centre."

The three-story building being renovated will also include attic and basement levels. The renovation will expand the building's volume by a third, adding extensions for a hall and atrium. The basement is planned to include a shelter space. Classrooms will occupy the three floors, while spaces for extracurricular activities like robotics will be set up on the attic floor. Removing unnecessary partitions will allow natural light into the corridors, and larger educational spaces will be adjustable with movable partitions for different learning settings. Classrooms will be furnished to support both individual and group learning.

The atrium, positioned as the heart of the school, will provide direct access to the outdoor area for events. It is designed to function as a dining hall, assembly hall, or recreational area as needed. The planned educational center, with its multifunctional hall, has the potential to become a community hub for cultural events outside school hours.

The existing outdoor area will be refurbished, including the construction of covered bicycle parking to encourage cycling. In collaboration with the Tallinn Culture and Sports Department, the adjacent sports building (Erika Street 5) will be suitably equipped, and municipal sports facilities at Karjamaa Street 5 will also be available for use.

Currently, the site is undergoing preliminary work, including basement cleaning and the demolition of non-load-bearing structures. Norete Grupp OÜ is carrying out the work based on a public procurement contract. The preparatory work is scheduled for completion in May 2024, followed by design and construction phases. Sammas Arhitektuuribüroo OÜ has designed the reconstruction of the building, with the Education Department of Tallinn as the project's client. The city budget has allocated a total of €11.3 million for the construction of the school building, with nearly €5 million earmarked for this year. The construction is expected to be completed, and the new school is set to open on September 1, 2025.