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Tallinn joins in European minute of silence

Tallinn joins in European minute of silence

Together with cities all over Europe, Tallinn participates in a minute of silence for the victims of the corona pandemic which started one year ago. The joint commemoration takes place today, 24 March, at 13:00 EET.

“Europe needs a joint moment of reflection,” said Dario Nardella, President of Eurocities and Mayor of Florence. “Let us pause for a minute to mourn the dead, to honour those suffering from the consequences of the pandemic, and to reflect on our own situation – to take a breath in the hectic everyday struggle we all experience.”

As events are not possible at the moment, everyone should observe this minute of silence for themselves. To support a shared experience, Eurocities offers a video live stream with Dario Nardella: “I invite everyone to join and to be silent together for a moment, to commemorate, and to find new strength together.”

The minute of silence is an initiative of the city network Eurocities, of which Tallinn is a member. Eurocities is a network of 198 European cities from 38 countries, representing 130 million people.

The minute of silence will take place on Wednesday, 24 March, 13:00. The video livestream can be accessed at

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