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Tallinn is making investments into smart solutions for companies

The Tallinnovation competition, which supports smart city solutions, received ten applications this year. The city of Tallinn, along with the Tehnopol Science and Business Park, chose four winners from among the ten applicants. The winners will receive 100,000 euros of investment, which is a record-breaking sum.


This was the third competition of its kind, and the winners were the following companies: 10Lines, Koduandur, FOB Solutions and MyGames together and FudLoop. 10Lines develops smart robots intended for road surface marking. The robots make it possible to conduct road surface marking more accurately, efficiently and with a significantly smaller ecological footprint. Koduandur provides alerts to elderly relatives or carers in cases where the elderly person is not moving around their home at their usual pace, which might indicate a fall or a health issue. The developed solution by FOB Solutions and MyGames enables sports fields to become fully autonomous, as it can manage bookings, payments, entry, lighting as well as other functions. FudLoop develops smart food distribution cupboards and is also the first company worldwide to offer food sharing as a service. Within the project, they will expand the network of food distribution cupboards in Tallinn as well as create new opportunities for food distribution.

Tallinn City Council’s chairperson of the innovation committee and chairperson of the jury Aivar Riisalu stated that the range of companies taking part in the competition was extremely broad this time around. “It was fantastic to see that the winners included software as well as hardware solutions from various sectors, which confirms that there is potential and readiness for innovation in all areas of life,” said Riisalu. “We are excited to see how the selected solutions will work in reality, and by working together with the city of Tallinn, the solutions can become internationally successful. Up until now, Tallinnovation’s activities have given this kind of support to companies on their journey.”

Indrek Orav, CEO of Tehnopol Science and Business Park, said that organising the Tallinnovation competition fundamentally validates Tehnopol’s objective of supporting transformative innovation. “Making the urban space smart will make life more convenient and sustainable for everybody,” Orav added. “The success stories that have come from the competition create value for companies as well as people. We cherish the opportunity to encourage the potential of companies via financial backing, test environment preparedness as well as practical mentorship.”

The objective of the Tallinnovation competition is to make the services and the environment provided by the city more convenient for residents and tourists. The competition is used to support cooperation between the city and technology companies and also the use of innovative smart city hardware and software products in Tallinn.

This is the first time the size of the innovation fund was 100,000 euros, which will be shared between the winners. Additionally, the city will provide the winners with contacts, advice and support from the Tehnopol mentors’ network. They will begin developing and implementing the solutions in the upcoming months.
The innovation competition has provided support for the following companies in the past: Thinnect, KrattWorks, Solintel, Ringo Eco, Bikeep, R8 Technologies, Teede Tehnokeskus, Fusebox and Aiotex. Read more:

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