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Tallinn notifies parents of first grade school placements

Tallinn notifies parents of first grade school placements

The Tallinn Education Department has started notifying parents about the school place assignments for children entering the first grade on September 1, 2024. Parents have until June 10 to confirm their child’s school placement.

Parents who submitted applications via the eKool platform will receive notifications about their child’s assigned school through eKool, which will also send an email to the parents. Schools will send invitations to parents via eKool, where they can confirm their child’s enrollment. Parents who do not use eKool must contact the assigned school directly to confirm the placement.

Deputy Mayor Aleksei Jašin reminds parents that while every child in Tallinn is guaranteed a place in a local municipal school, it is crucial to confirm the school placement. "This is very important because unconfirmed places will become available and will be filled according to the school's admission procedures. Confirming the school placement ensures that the child can attend the school assigned to the family," said Jašin.

The Education Department assigns a school place to all school-age children (7 years old by October 1) even if no application was submitted. In such cases, the information will be sent by mail to the child’s registered address.

School assignments are based on the Basic Schools and Upper Secondary Schools Act, which prioritizes proximity to the child’s registered residence and whether siblings attend the same school. Parental preferences are also considered when possible.

If the assigned school is not suitable, parents have the right to choose another school with available places. In this case, they should contact the desired school directly after June 10.

According to the population register, there are 4,677 school-age children in Tallinn as of May 20, 2024. A place in a Tallinn municipal school has been assigned to 3,967 children. Over 400 children will start their studies in private schools or elsewhere in Estonia, and 136 children will begin school abroad. This year, 259 children will start school at age six, and 129 have received recommendations to delay starting school.

For more information, visit the Tallinn Education Department website: