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Tallinn offers free bio-waste collection containers

Tallinn offers free bio-waste collection containers

Since June 1 of last year, all properties and institutions in Tallinn are required to collect bio-waste separately. To promote waste sorting, the city continues to provide free bio-waste containers to single-family homes, semi-detached houses, and residential buildings with 3-9 apartments.

According to Deputy Mayor Margot Roose, bio-waste is an important resource for biogas and compost soil. "Thousands of free containers have already been distributed to residents, who contribute to the circular economy by collecting bio-waste separately. It's also crucial to prevent bio-waste from mixing with other waste types, as this contaminates recyclable materials," said Roose.

Free bio-waste containers can be requested through the city's e-service portal at The Tallinn Waste Centre's Pääsküla and Paljassaare waste stations offer 140-liter containers, which can be collected under the guidance of the station operator.

After receiving the container, residents must add an annex to their waste management contract within two weeks and agree on the frequency of bio-waste collection. The bio-waste container must be emptied at least once every two weeks to prevent overflow, odors, pests, and environmental contamination. The same waste collector responsible for mixed municipal waste will also empty the bio-waste container, requiring only a modification to the existing contract. Neighbors with adjacent properties can share containers by signing a shared container agreement.

Exemptions from the container requirement can be requested by single-family homes, semi-detached houses, row houses registered as single-family units, and properties with up to two apartments, provided they compost their kitchen waste on-site in a closed composter. The on-site composter must be a sealed box large enough to accommodate waste generated throughout the year. It does not need to be insulated, as biological composting does not occur in winter. Approval for on-site composting must be obtained from the local district government.

Requesting a bio-waste container through the E-Service Portal:
Requesting a bio-waste container for buildings with 3-9 apartments
Requesting a bio-waste container for single-family and semi-detached houses