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Tallinn offers many ways to stay active for free

Tallinn offers many ways to stay active for free

Tallinn, the European Capital of Sport 2025 offers many opportunities to participate in sports and to stay active. The city is full of places where you can exercise for free.

There are 85 public sports facilities owned by the city that cater to a diverse range of sports, including basketball, football, and tennis. Many of these facilities are available to city residents for free when no official training sessions or competitions are taking place.

For those interested in extreme sports, there are 17 facilities, including skateparks, pump tracks, and parkour facilities. The Pääsküla Youth Center houses an indoor skate park, suitable for BMX, skateboarding, rollerblading, and scooter riding. For a €3 day pass you can rent helmets, protective gear, scooters, and skateboards.

There are now 86 outdoor gyms located throughout the city, which can be found in parks and near health trails. Also, multi-purpose recreational environments have been built. For example, in Kose Leisure Center, you can play tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, and use the skatepark and an outdoor gym. Tondiraba Park features five sports courts, a skatepark, a pump track, and two outdoor gyms. Kivila Park has a basketball court, skatepark, parkour area, and an outdoor gym. Near Vilde Road 69 in Mustamäe, there is a sports facility featuring several courts and an outdoor gym.

Tallinn’s many health trails offer ideal routes for walking, jogging, and cycling. During the winter, these trails can be used for cross-country skiing. There are a total of 8 health trails in the city, with the longest ones located in Nõmme and Pirita.

For more detailed information on free sports opportunities, please visit the Tallinn city website.