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Tallinn once again distributing free medical masks to city residents

Tallinn once again distributing free medical masks to city residents

The Tallinn districts administrations will continue to give out free medical masks to multi-child families, single parents, senior citizens, and city residents receiving income-dependent support.

"COVID-19 infection rates are on the rise and the situation is becoming more critical every day. Hospitals are already considering the suspension of planned treatment and the medical staff is working at the limit of human capabilities," said Betina Beškina, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn. "Wearing a mask is a simple and effective method of slowing down the spread of the virus, to which everyone can contribute. That is why Tallinn makes the masks available to as many people as possible and promotes using them in all crowded places,” Beškina added.

From Monday, October 25, new coronavirus restrictions by the Estonian government will come into effect, to control the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the overcapacity in hospitals. Among other things, wearing face-masks is mandatory, and it is no longer accepted to cover your mouth and nose with a scarf or other item of clothing. In addition, the government strongly recommends that masks be worn from the age of 12 for organized activities, such as cinemas, theatres, and concerts, where coronavirus certifications are checked. Only medical or equivalent face-masks prevent the spread of coronavirus, so it is recommended that they be used only.

The district governments of Tallinn distribute two packs of medical masks (50 masks per pack) to multi-child families (three or more children in a family) and to single parents, senior citizens and citizens receiving income-dependent support.

Face-masks are distributed on site of the district government offices. When receiving the masks, people are asked to bring an identity document and senior citizens a pension certificate. All health and safety requirements are asked to comply and avoid coming when there are symptoms of illness.

More detailed information on the distribution of masks can be obtained from the district governments’ information telephones, as well as on the websites and social media channels of the districts.

The city of Tallinn has been distributing free masks to the citizens since autumn last year. Reusable face-masks were then handed out to students of upper secondary school and high school, and disposable medical masks to senior citizens living alone and large families. In spring, medical masks were again distributed to families with three or more children, single parents and all pensioners. Medical masks were also provided to residents of apartment buildings that showed a high infection rate. In total, several million masks have already been distributed to the city residents.