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Tallinn to organise procurement for an Olympic-sized pool

Tallinn plans to collaborate with the private sector to construct an Olympic-sized swimming pool in Lasnamäe at the Kuukivi 3 and 5 (formerly Varraku 14a and 14b) properties. In 2019, Tondiraba Ujula OÜ, the winner of the state procurement that year, informed the city in late August that they would be unable to complete the construction of the pool within the agreed-upon time and conditions due to a substantial increase in construction costs. Since the construction project has already been made and all that is missing are the construction procurements, the city has decided to terminate the existing contract and plans to start a new procurement process.

Tallinn Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart emphasised the necessity for building a suitable pool in Tallinn that would meet the standards of professional sports and be capable of hosting swimming competitions in partnership with the private sector. "The significant price increases resulting from the war and the COVID-19 crisis could not have been predicted four years ago, which is why the previous procurement winner was unable to complete the project," stated Kõlvart. "The conditions of the state procurement could not allow the contract to be fulfilled as planned. With the termination of the contract, the city received possession of the construction projects, as the preparations had already been made. The new procurement process will be specifically focused on the construction works. We will review the terms of the procurement and plan to cover a portion of the investment commitments."

The Tallinn Property Department has been in talks with Tondiraba Ujula OÜ since the end of last year. As the actual construction of the pool in Lasnamäe has not started, an agreement was made with Tondiraba Ujula OÜ for the company to provide the city with all of the project's documentation. A construction project has been prepared for both the pool building and a multistory car park, and construction permits have been granted. This allows the new procurement process to use the existing project documentation, which is expected to reduce the planning time by around 18 months.

The constructed pool must meet Olympic standards and include a minimum of two pools: one 50 metres long and the other 25 metres long. The 50-metre pool should have at least 10 lanes, while the 25-metre pool should have at least four lanes. Grandstands with a minimum of 400 seats must be constructed, which must provide a clear view of competitions in the full-sized pool. According to the initial plan, the pool was supposed to be completed by 2025. If the procurement is successful, the new pool is expected to be granted usage rights by 2027.

The City Administration's investment support plan, the establishment of new building rights and a concession agreement must first be authorised by the Tallinn City Council. It is hoped that the new conditions will be presented to the council for discussion this autumn, so that a state procurement for the concession agreement can be organised by the end of the year.