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Tallinn passes Summer Capital title to Pärnu

Tallinn passes Summer Capital title to Pärnu

Today marks the beginning of astronomical summer, and with it, Pärnu becomes the summer capital. Tallinn's Deputy Mayor Viljar Jaamu will officially hand over the title of summer capital, along with the ceremonial baton, to the Mayor of Pärnu during the event "Hello, Pärnu Summer" on Friday, June 21, at 18:30.

Deputy Mayor Viljar Jaamu remarked that the words "Pärnu" and "summer" are synonymous, and for many Estonians, Pärnu is the first place that comes to mind when thinking about summer. "Themed capitals associated with the seasons have a long tradition in Estonia. It is wonderful to see this tradition continue, and Pärnu deservedly receives the title of summer capital once again," said Jaamu.

Similar to last year, the summer capital title will reach Pärnu by waterway. Spring capital Türi sent the ceremonial baton, symbolizing the capital status, towards Pärnu on dugout canoes already on Tuesday.

Pärnu was first awarded the title of summer capital in 1996.