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Tallinn pays a start-of-school allowance to all students up to the age of 19

From this year, the City of Tallinn is paying a yearly €50 allowance to all primary, secondary and vocational school pupils at the start of the new school year. This a supplement to the existing €320 allowance for Tallinn children entering the first grade.

According to Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart, Tallinn has so far only paid the school-age allowance to children starting first grade, but the start of the school year means an extra burden for all families, regardless of the child’s age. "This is especially true for families with several school-age children," said Kõlvart. "The new support was largely intended to compensate families for the rise in the cost of living. In the light of the current inflation, €50 is no longer a very large amount, but we will start with this amount this year and we will try to increase the subsidy from next year."

The start-of-school allowance is paid to a child whose place of residence, together with at least one parent, is registered in the city of Tallinn no later than 1 January of the year in which the allowance is paid. To be eligible for the start-of-school allowance, the child may attend a school of any other municipality, so long as his/her place of residence is Tallinn.

As from September 2022, the application for the start-of-school allowance will only have to be submitted one time, and provided all the conditions continue to be met in the following years, the allowance will be paid automatically. The start-of-school allowance is paid regardless of the class in which the student is enrolled. Families who have received the benefit for first graders in previous years will have to submit a new application this year, as the start-of-school allowance is paid under the new regulation. For children under the age of 18, the application is made by the parent, and from the age of 18, the student is able to apply for the allowance himself/herself.

You can apply for start-of-school allowance via the Tallinn e-service environment from 13 September to 30 November. Application can be submitted by a parent who lives with the child at the same address in Tallinn or by a student aged 18 or over, provided that they live at the same address as at least with one of their parents.

This year, €3.4 million is earmarked in the Tallinn city budget for the start-of-school allowance, targeting nearly 52,000 pupils.