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Tallinn plans to encourage tourism through conference support next year

Tallinn plans to encourage tourism through conference support next year

Tallinn City Government sent a draft regulation to the city council. If approved, Tallinn will support international conferences that are held off-season.

The objective of the conference grant is to increase Tallinn’s international reputation as a competence centre of various fields and encourage the organisation of international conferences in Tallinn. Supporting off-season, international conferences in Tallinn helps to decrease tourism’s seasonality.

Joosep Vimm, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, said that there is tough competition between conference tourism destinations and the conference grant might help Tallinn become a more attractive destination. “Conference tourists are highly welcome in all cities, mainly because a foreign delegate spends more money than a holiday tourist. Every foreign delegate spends around 900 euros during their visit in Tallinn,” Vimm explained.

Vimm added that the conference support also helps to create and hold jobs. “It is a standard practice in the conference world that leads to greater stability and hopefully encourages people to work in hospitality sector,” said Vimm.

According to the regulation “Procedure of granting support for international conferences”, Tallinn would start supporting conferences that meet the following conditions: foreign delegates come from at least two countries, at least 50 foreign delegates take part of the conference, the conference programme lasts for at least two consecutive days in Tallinn, the conference takes place between 1 September to 31 May. The grant supports the organisation of conferences for professional or business organisations.

The maximum grant for one conference is 30,000 euros. A conference is evaluated based on four criteria: the number of foreign delegates taking part in the conference, the duration of the conference programme, the conference month and type. The grant recipient must organise the conference in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.

The grant will cover up to 60% of the eligible expenses actually incurred. Conference grants are also offered in other cities, such as Vilnius, Riga, Prague, Ljubljana, Vienna, Berlin and Tartu.
Kongres Magazine declared Tallinn the best conference destination in the L-category in 2022. The magazine highlights Tallinn’s compactness and points out how extraordinary it is that there are so many different areas next to each other on such a small territory. Read more HERE.

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