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Tallinn presents smart city solutions at H22 City Expo in Helsingborg

Tallinn presents smart city solutions at H22 City Expo in Helsingborg

Tallinn will be participating with entrepreneurs in the H22 City Expo city festival in Helsingborg from 30 May to 2 June, where six of Europe’s most innovative cities will showcase their solutions for sustainable development in the Urban Brilliance exhibition.

For the first time in the festival’s history, the exhibition area named Urban Brilliance - the best innovations from top sustainable cities will have pavilions from the following cities: Tallinn, Oslo, Greater Copenhagen, Tampere, Linz and Valencia. The Tallinn pavilion’s programme will concentrate on digital solutions supporting the city’s sustainable development, smart technology applications and environmental preservation. These are the main topics that, through local success stories and successful collaborations with companies, will be showcased in the exhibition; Tallinn will be showcased as the innovation capital and next year’s European Green Capital.

According to Vladimir Svet, Tallinn Deputy Mayor leading the Tallinn delegation, the key to urban development is cooperation between different actors. "The legend says that Tallinn will never be finished and the same can be said for a smart and green city - we need to constantly evolve and adapt to change. Next year we will be proud to be the European Green Capital, but our daily efforts are a contribution to a much more distant future, and we want to create a city where everyone feels good. By working together with the city authorities, local communities and the business sector, we can deliver and implement innovative solutions that will contribute to the development of Tallinn and help improve our living environment," Svet said.

The Tallinn pavilion will feature 10 companies whose innovative solutions have been in use in Tallinn and whose objective is to increase their product sales and services in foreign markets: Auve Tech autonomous last-mile vehicles, Bikeep smart bike docks, Datel spatial infrastructure deformation monitoring systems, Extery innovative street furniture, Myceen compostable furniture that uses mycelium and various organic waste materials, Rinaldo street lighting offering special solutions, Ringo Eco scalable, open and neutral reusable packaging platform, Starship Technologies revolutionary parcel delivery robots packaging robots, Tehnopol Science and Business Park innovation centre focusing on the development of new technologies, and Ülemiste City smart business city developing the Test City concept. The Tallinn pavilion presentation and programme can be seen on the Tallinnovation website.

The city of Helsingborg in Sweden is the organiser of H22 City Expo. In 2020, the city was recognised by the European Commission as one of Europe’s most innovative cities. The prize money received was used to create an innovation area (Urban Brilliance) as part of the H22 City Expo, where cities renowned for sustainability and smart solutions can share their solutions and best practices. This year’s invited cities include Tallinn, Oslo, Copenhagen, Tampere, Linz and Valencia. The internationally renowned Urban Future Forum (from 1 June until 3 June) will be part of the festival, which itself goes on for more than a month.

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