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Tallinn promotes entrepreneurship in the urban space

Tallinn promotes entrepreneurship in the urban space

City district governments, in cooperation with the Tallinn Transport Board, are starting to develop solutions for the use of urban space for entrepreneurs to open outdoor cafés and restaurants.

According to Deputy Mayor Aivar Riisalu, the city wishes to revive business and support the tourism, trade and service sectors, which have suffered most from the corona pandemic. “City district governments, alongside with the Transport Department, are creating ways for making larger outdoor areas - such as car parks or streets - available to entrepreneurs for opening outdoor cafes and restaurants and organizing events during the summer. In this way, we can also ensure the dispersion of customers to prevent the spread of the virus," Riisalu noted.

The city districts, together with enterprises and the local community, discuss and consider which street areas are possible for the expansion of the outdoor areas of cafes and restaurants. Among other things, it needs to be considered which parts of the street can be restricted or temporarily closed so that they can be made available for enterprises. Then the districts discuss the solutions with the Tallinn Transport Department.

At the same time, the district governments and the Enterprise Service of the Tallinn Strategic Management Centre are conducting a survey among entrepreneurs to map their interest in using additional outdoor areas. The Transport Department will then provide solutions for temporarily closing parking areas and street sections to normal traffic and making them available to businesses as outdoor cafés and restaurants.