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Tallinn public beaches ready for summer season

Tallinn public beaches ready for summer season

The capital’s five public beaches are open for the season starting today. The lifeguards from G4S have started their annual summer watch.

“Tallinn is opening its five public beaches – in Pirita, Kakumäe, Stroomi, Pikakari and on Harku Lake,” said Tallinn’s Deputy Mayor Tiit Terik. “All of these beaches are ready for visitors. Our excellent partner G4S is ensuring order and safety like in previous years. Tallinn Municipal Police Department and G4S are working together to ensure public order and welfare. They are familiar and reliable partners, who this year will continue to guard the beaches and will be funded by public procurement,” said Terik, adding that lifeguards will be on patrol regardless of the weather.

Terik mentioned that according to the Tallinn Municipal Police Department, one of the biggest worries is cars parking in green areas and blocking each other. “Parents need to remember that it’s their responsibility to ensure their child’s safety while on a public beach,” said the Deputy Mayor. “A wristband with the parent’s name and number written on can be of great help while going to the beach with little children. People can get the wristbands from the lifeguards. It’s important to remember that the consumption of alcohol and smoking is forbidden on the beach. Glass bottles that are left on the beach are dangerous to people and animals. The biggest challenge for the lifeguard medics is wounds caused by glass shards.”

In total, 38 lifeguards are on patrol during the summer period. The largest beaches in Stroomi and Pirita have four lifeguards on patrol at a time. The rest of the beaches have two G4S guards. Each station also has a medical professional to provide first aid. This year in addition to Tallinn Municipal Police Department’s regular patrol, there is a bicycle patrol to ensure public order and welfare on the beaches.