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Tallinn public transport introduces new ticket purchase method

Tallinn public transport introduces new ticket purchase method

In addition to the already existing payment methods, Tallinn public transport passengers can now pay for their ticket with Apple Pay Express. This allows users of Apple devices to purchase a ticket without having to activate or authenticate their device each time. Express Mode works even if your device runs out of battery.

The Apple Pay Express mode express payment solution was adopted for use in Tallinn public transport through collaboration between the Tallinn Transport Department and AS Ridango.

Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet says that public transport remains free of charge for Tallinn residents, but the new solution is a convenient method for those who need to purchase a ticket, such as residents of other municipalities or tourists. “The development of payment methods is a part of the capital’s broader goals to make public transport services even more user friendly,” the deputy mayor explained. “These days, many people don’t always carry their debit card around with them, so it is good that they can now purchase a ticket with this method.”

Express Mode can be used without opening the device or application, and also works if the device has run out of battery. There is no need to authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID or passwords: just swipe your iPhone or Apple Watch over the contactless reader. Apple Pay Express Mode is available on iPhone 8 or newer and Apple Watch 4 or newer devices.

To activate Express Mode, you must unlock your phone or smart watch, enter your bank information in the Wallet app and turn on Express Mode. Card information added to the Apple Wallet app is not shared with Apple or saved on their servers. If an iPhone or Apple Watch ends up missing or stolen, the device owner can lock and locate it with the Find My app.

CEO of Ridango Erki Lipre expressed enthusiasm regarding the new function. “We are proud to be a part of Tallinn public transport’s digital innovation. The adoption of Apple Pay Express Mode allows for an even smoother public transport experience in Tallinn. It’s one more step closer to Ridango’s vision of making public transport more convenient and modern for all of Tallinn’s residents and visitors.”

Founded in 2009, AS Ridango is a contractual partner of Tallinn focusing on the development of public transport ticket, real time and payment systems. Ridango is a recognised public transport information technology company in Northern Europe and has received various international awards.

Photo: Ketlin Lääts/Ridango